99 of the Most Popular Black Slang Phrases Captured in a Single Book for the First Time Ever

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Discover a hilarious twist on popular black slang phrases in Ryan Taylor’s new book of satire titled 99 Popular Black Slang Phrases

UNITED STATES, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In mid 2023 Ryan Taylor received a meme from a work colleague about the “Caucasian way to say” the popular black slang phrase “You got me messed up”. It was in jest, it was hilarious, and it would inspire the creation of Ryan’s first book.

After some investigation Ryan learned that the “Caucasian way to say…” was a popular meme across social media including Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Where a poster (usually white) would ask the internet how to say “You got me messed up”, with the replies sparking goodwill, likes, and laughs among all involved.

Within two days Ryan had come up with 98 other black slang phrases to parody using the meme model, and within two weeks his first book was done. “I did the 98 phrases all myself. No AI, no internet crowdsourcing. I am black and grew up in North Minneapolis, so the phrases ran like water, the ‘Caucasian way to say…’ took a little satire and parody, but ultimately it worked” said Ryan.

The result is 110-pages of satire, parody, and fun. For those familiar with black lingo it’s a trip down memory lane of slang you’ve heard your whole life. For others the “Caucasian way to say” portion offers up a chance to laugh and learn at the same time.

“Everything was done in the spirit of fun” said Ryan. “I gave this book to my family and friends, and then they gave it to their friends, and the feedback was great. Everyone loved it. It’s light. It’s fun. We need that, especially going into 2024.”

A few example phrases include:

We gon’ get you some act right.

Keep that thing a buck my dude.

Tell me where they do that at?

Ryan is hard at work on his next book titled “What your boss really means when they say…”, it’s a tongue-in-cheek look at Corporate America’s own jargon!

99 Popular Black Slang Phrases is available for sale on Amazon for $7.99 with free shipping for Prime members, or at 99funnyslang.com for $9.99.

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