A Collection of Creative Pursuits

“Pen Scratching Poets”

In the book Pen Scratching Poets, Marilyn and Paul Wassmann bring readers inside their household through poetry and art.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — They say a picture paints a thousand words, it allows artists to express their words through illustrations that depict their current predicament. Picasso, for example, was able to capture a considerable depth of significance in his paintings, leaving future generations to ponder and create their own interpretations of his works and make their own conclusions about his paintings and the events in his life that might have inspired him to create his pieces of art. That’s the wonderful thing about art: everyone can construct and draw their own conclusions and tales, leaving room for interpretation.

Marilyn Wassmann, inspired by her grandmother, and her husband, Paul Wassmann, have gathered a collection of works into a compact and art-filled book titled “Pen Scratching Poets.” The book begins with a poem called Pen Scratches, which is a tribute to her grandmother, followed by various poems and images inspired by moments in Marilyn Wassmann’s life that she shared with her family. It narrates the story of multiple generations of family members who conveyed their ideas and emotions with their art and poetry, allowing following generations ahead to enjoy them and recognize the differences and connections between present society and previous generations – giving them an avenue to compare and take notes to what life must have been during their time.

Through lyrical anecdotes incorporated into this book by Marilyn Wassmann and her family, allows readers to perceive her dedication and effort on this compilation. They carefully and gracefully blend numerous poems and limericks into a symphony that appears too effortless with the aid of drawings and pictures that demonstrate their great talents and skill. Through poetry and illustrations, this enables readers to become fully immersed in their rich family culture and traditions and a part of their family.

Allow the symphony of poems to take hold of readers in the book “Pen Scratching Poets,” as Marilyn and Paul Wassmann bring readers inside their lives through poetry and art. To know more about her works visit her website at www.marilynwassmann.com.

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