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At its core, this book is about tapping into the power of self-awareness and compassion, from a manager’s point of view. I like to call this Zen Efficiency.”

— Francis Audet

QUEBEC, QC, CANADA, November 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a fast-paced world where the demands of management can often lead to stress and high-pressure, “Memoirs of a Zen Manager” emerges as a beacon of balance and success. Written by seasoned manager and certified professional coach Francis Audet, and published by WSA Publishing, this innovative guidebook provides managers a path to efficiency, self-awareness, and lasting success.

With over 25 years of managerial experience, Francis brings a wealth of practical wisdom to the table. “Memoirs of a Zen Manager” is not just a book—it’s a journey that seamlessly weaves together ancient wisdom from Daoism and Sun Tzu with the endearing one of characters like Winnie the Pooh. Through 52 thoughtfully crafted approaches and perspectives, managers are guided towards enhanced effectiveness and inner harmony.

“At its core, this book is about tapping into the power of self-awareness and compassion, from a manager’s point of view” says Francis. “By embracing these principles and leveraging the potential of every situation, managers can achieve more in less time while reducing stress and anxiety. I like to call this Zen Efficiency.”

Francis’s holistic approach is rooted in his dedication to personal and interpersonal growth. As a certified meditation and Qi Gong teacher, he understands the value of maintaining a Zen-like state even in the face of high-pressure environments. His unique blend has empowered numerous teams and individuals to surpass their objectives while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling work-life dynamic.

According to WSA Publishing, “This captivating book skillfully merges profound insights with elegance, equipping managers with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating their careers adeptly and optimizing productivity. Emphasizing self-awareness and empathy, it stands as an invaluable resource, guiding the reduction of stress while embracing the potential within each professional challenge.”

“Memoirs of a Zen Manager” is now available and can be ordered through major online retailers, as well as on www.FrancisAudet.com. For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact:

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About the Author: Francis Audet is a seasoned manager with 25 years of experience across diverse organizations and strategic roles. As a certified professional coach, meditation, and Qi Gong teacher, he is dedicated to empowering managers to achieve success, efficiency, and well-being through a holistic and balanced approach to management.

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