A Myriad of Praises for Charley Swords’s Revolutionary Leadership Book

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — One should always seek to learn and improve, especially when one is credited with position and prestige. This is something that is especially true for someone who leads a group of people.

Whether you are a corporate leader, church leader, or head of the family, your capacity to lead may anchor on your capacity to serve. This is one of the concepts that Charley Swords builds in her book Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader. A self-help book that focuses on revolutionizing modern leadership, this bestseller published by PageTurner Press and Media imparts tried and true methods that ensure leadership success.

Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader is divided into three parts. The first part invites aspiring and present leaders to reflect on their base qualities. It outlines the essential leadership styles and how to master self-development. The second part encourages leaders to focus on employee engagement and empowerment. Finally, the third part ties the whole content together with a narration about transformational strategy implementation. All these parts are lauded by numerous book reviewing bodies who collectively state that the book provides a new perspective to leadership, one that is people centered and flexible.

Rabia Tanveer of Reader’s Favorite states, “She keeps the narrative style simple yet digestible.” She further states, “It provides a roadmap for developing the skills and qualities needed to be an effective and visionary leader in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.”

David Allen of Hollywood Book Reviews positively notes, “This book clearly shows able leadership is a work in progress, resulting from the translation of self-awareness into personal and organizational action plans.”

Both the book and its author have received consistently positive accolades from Pacific Book Review, Kirkus Reviews, Foreword Reviews, The US Review of Books, and even from Amazon reviewers.

Charley Swords has spent almost thirty years working with leadership and management teams in various sectors, organizations, and cultures in more than twenty-six countries. She is an internationally recognized leadership consultant and mentor who specializes in transforming people’s mindsets and behaviors to operate more fully and successfully, both personally and professionally. She has provided consultancy, mentoring, and training at multiple national and international conferences. Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader is available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats. Grab a copy via www.pageturner.us and other major book distributors.

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