A Voice Beckons Readers to Experience the Adventures of “The Woods”

The Woods

Mark Relic

London Book Fair 2023

Having a good book in your hands is like having some sort of a magical wand.It has the effect of giving you hope. Like having a best friend. A feeling of everlasting.”

— Mark Relic

ZRENJANIN, VOJVODINA, SERBIA, May 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mark Relic portrays an experience of identity by going through self-discovery in the wilderness. With this novel, Relic walks with readers into a peculiar turf of storytelling. He invites his reader to join him in “The Woods,” an odd place of what is and what isn’t. Once you go in, you can’t really tell what that place is and what it does. It surely holds a mystery of an existence where nothing is what it seems.

“The Woods” follows a writer as he explores that world. It also delivers a message of disconnection and sense of being lost. Readers will get an intimate look at the intricacies of survival in cruel, mysterious conditions, as well as useful tips for surviving areas far from the “comforts” of civilization.

In Relic’s narrative they will be immersed in a time and place where mystery abounds. Where away from civilization one could test their character and discover themselves in a pristine landscape full of the sights and splendor of the natural world.

According to the author, having this book in your hands is like having some sort of a magical wand. It has the effect of giving you hope. Like having a friend. A feeling of everlasting. Expanding your perception Being yourself is an act of magic too. Finding out who you are can be a lifetime experience.

“If this novel finds its way to your hands, I thank you and congratulate you,” Relic says. “So however it sounds like to you, maybe a place you could get lost or find what you are looking for, going there is totally up to you. Feel free to make of it what you will. This is yours now.”

“The Woods” is ultimately about identity and what it means to be within reach of our true selves. What is our potential and who we are in this world. It is also how we get up and up and up when we get down. Who we are is sometimes a tricky thing where our own mind plays tricks on us.

About the Author

Mark Relic was born in Serbia and has a college degree in the hospitality industry. After college he started writing and traveling, working as an English teacher, coach. He is a linguist and spiritualist.The Woods is one of his four novels. Mark has also been interviewed by Kate Delany on America Tonight. With a passion for storytelling that transcends boundaries, He enthusiastically entered an international book contest, aiming to gain exposure and connect with readers worldwide.

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