African Entertainment Industry Gets a Face-Lift With Entertale

Press Release

Dec 27, 2015

Today, Entertale Inc. officially launch to the public. Entertale is delivering high profile African TV, film and video news across the globe. The company is positioning itself as the foremost destination for young Africans with internationally diverse tastes and interests. 

Following the company’s recent reception , Sesan , Chief Editor said “Our goal is to positively give more exposure to entertainment creativity and TV business news coming out of Africa. We want to tell the entertainment tale about Africa globally doing it the African way with no excuse for mediocrity. That kind of organization is what has built Hollywood for years”.

Entertale takes a unique approach to delivering high-level, audience-focused content that is attracting loyal audiences appreciative of its consistently fresh and smart perspective.

For many years, the African entertainment industry has slowly been creeping outside its 4 walls and too many people just do not know enough to talk about it. That is one thing this company is about to change. “Lack of proper channel of exposure and branding has been a wave tidal for the industry and we wanted to relax that and this is just the beginning.” says modest CEO Bamidele Adetayo.

Entertale is a full-fledge news site based in California, U.S. As of launch, the site is creating new benchmarks in audience reach and views.

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