Alexander Pezo Showing at Plitzs New York City Fashion Week

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updated: Sep 6, 2016

Featured in the PLITZS New York City Fashion Week Designer Showcase. This fashion event will be privately held at the Hotel Pennsylvania (401 7th Ave between 32nd and 33rd Street, 18th Floor Grand Ballroom) in New York City.

Born Robert Alexander Mays, Alexander Pezo is a notable and fast emerging designer. His business savvy and a love for fashion and people, make him the perfect fashion brand maven. Alexander Pezo LLC has been a trademarked brand since2002. The brand’s name originates from a combination of Robert Mays’ middle name Alexander and a givennickname, “Pezo” (pronounced Pee-zo). Alexander Pezo LLC was re-branded as a haberdashery line in November2013 and relaunched in November of 2015, this business decision has proven to be the best move the company has ever made. Currently, the line is sold online only at however; the brand is in the process of expanding into retail locations in the coming year by way of wholesale distribution. Alexander Pezo offers large market appeal at a median price point.

The brand is growing exponentially in online, wholesale and retail markets for both men’s and women’s apparel. Alexander Pezo is strongly concentrating its efforts on becoming the national model for small to medium market apparel companies. The uniqueness of Alexander Pezo LLC is its ability to leverage apparel and fashion in away that will allow relationships to be cultivated and to also assist in carving out a niche in other areas such as sports, entertainment, and with everyday business professionals. Our Motto is: “We Will Grow With You.” Their desire is to grow with every market we embrace and every client we work with; growth is our golden touch.

Alexander Mays will present his collection, Alexander Pezo at 9:00 PM at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week September 2016 hosted by PLITZS Fashion Marketing. Their collection will be presented at 5:00 PM Saturday, September 10, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Midtown NYC. About The Show: Fashion Designers can capitalize on their one day presentation which will afford them the opportunity to present their brand collection to potential clients, retail fashion store/boutiques owners, buyers, general managers, potential investors, trade organizations, editors, bloggers, public, media and press. Designers will talk to audience attendees first hand directly after their showcase via our media/press junket – Fashion Designers should get ready to showcase and invest in your fashion brand to show why they’re a hot Emerging fashion brand.

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“We will grow with you”

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