Are You Secretly Standing on Acres of Diamonds? New Book Claims You Are!

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Nov 14, 2015

Russell Conwell was well-known for his work as a Baptist minister, founder of Temple University, writer, and skilled orator. He was never, however, a passenger on ‘The Diamond Line.’ That detail is part of best-selling authors’ Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz’s latest motivational fable that mixes history with Conwell’s inspirational work, Acres of Diamonds.

Dr. Russell H. Conwell was a well-known Baptist minister, author, speaker, and founder of Temple University. He also believed each and every person was standing on Acres of Diamonds, the title of his famous book first published in 1890.  “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas,” Conwell said. “They are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” 

Now, best-selling authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz bring Conwell’s masterpiece to life in a new, inspirational fable called, The Diamond Line.

The Diamond Line finds the story’s main character, struggling entrepreneur Christopher Powers, traveling on the mysterious Diamond Line—a train route from his home in Chicago to New York City—where he plans to attend a business conference.  But readers soon discover the trip isn’t going to go as planned.

Christopher suddenly finds himself thrown back to the year 1888, meeting Russell Conwell on an antique train along with other historical figures, including Andrew Carnegie, PT Barnum, and a young woman named Florence. Through the short journey, Christopher’s life will change forever.

Waltz explains the book this way: “The Diamond Line is a tribute to Russell Conwell’s masterpiece—a timeless classic that deserves to be re-imagined for the next generation of leaders and top achievers.”

Using portions of actual, word-for-word text from the original work, Acres of Diamonds, The Diamond Line weaves together fact and fiction—including real events and quotes from the famous people the book features. Fenton adds, “Our goal with The Diamond Line is not to simply entertain readers, but to inspire them to reach greater heights in their own lives—just Dr. Conwell did so magnificently.”

As with all of Fenton and Waltz’s fables, The Diamond Line is easily digestible, short enough to be read in a single afternoon.  The message, however is multi-layered—designed to provide a variety of lessons to help people achieve goals, create wealth and discover their own acres of diamonds.

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