Arizona Gentlemen’s Club Offers Free Vasectomy

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updated: Sep 14, 2018

Known for sharing their sense of humor with the community by means of their monument sign, Chandler-based Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club takes absurdity to a new level by offering a free vasectomy as a give-a-way during theme event night.

For several years, Chandler commuters have had a daily dose of comedy driving past the Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club monument sign. “Free Divorce Consultations” & “Kids Eat Free” are just a couple examples of numerous sign messages to eventually go viral through social media. Considering the nightclub’s sense of humor on the outside, it should come as no surprise they maintain a sense of humor on the inside, too. 

Such is the case this month with a vasectomy give-a-way during a nurses-themed event. “Customers make a vas deferens in our lives, which is why we’re returning the favor by giving away a free vasectomy to one of them,” states owner Rebecca DeVaney. 

Customers make a vas deferens in our lives, which is why I’m returning the favor by giving away a free vasectomy to one of them.

Rebecca DeVaney, Owner, Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club

Free vasectomy aside and themed events aside, Sonny’s is regularly known for silly swag give-a-ways, general good times and, of course, good-looking girls. 

For a chance to win the free vasectomy, join Sonny’s for the themed event on Sept. 28 beginning at 9 p.m. where “nurses” call the shots and treat what ales and Chef Michael Durham offers up a not-so-heart-smart food buffet. 

Media Contact: Nick Radman, Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club – 19011 S. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, Arizona 85286 – 480-963-6632 – [email protected]

Source: Sonny’s Gentlemen’s Club

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