Author B.A. Nelson’s Newly Released “The Secrets in the Deep” Is a Spiritual Journey to a New, Deeper Realization in One Man’s Life.

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Jun 14, 2016

“The Secrets in the Deep” from Christian Faith Publishing author B.A. Nelson is a brilliant and captivating tale of one man who pauses to remember and cherish the past years of his life and his decision to accept the God of the universe.

“The Secrets in the Deep”:  an engrossing and delightfully detailed story of a man who realizes there is so much more to life than the petty trinkets he once held so dear. “The Secrets in the Deep” is the creation of published author, B.A. Nelson, gifted writer and author.

When asked of her inspiration, B.A. Nelson says, “I really believe that my writing is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I have never written before and give God the glory. Don’t ever give up on your dreams or decisions in your lives. I am in my 70s and this just happened overnight.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, B.A. Nelson’s new book details how Justin Marshall sat remembering the past years and what had happened to him. How he had come to know the love of his life and the biggest secret of all, his salvation to the God of the universe. There was a time he wanted nothing to do with God or anything about him. He remembered the times that he and his girlfriend would dive and find shipwrecks. That would lead to finding all kinds of treasures. Later he remembered how frivolous those findings had been. He was looking for treasure in all the wrong places. He realized that what he wanted and what he needed was completely different. He finds that the days he hunted for treasures were exciting and different. Follow Justin on his hunts for treasure and criminals trying to steal his finds. He comes to the realization in his life that his idea of excitement has completely changed.

Consumers can purchase “The Secrets in the Deep” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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