Author Cheri Magnuson’s New Book ‘Heart of Leadersheep 2015’ is a Touching Collection of Moments on the Author’s Farm and a Unique Sheep Who Protects All the Baby Lambs

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Nov 7, 2022

Recent release “Heart of Leadersheep 2015: Protector of All Things Small” from Covenant Books author Cheri Magnuson is a beautifully woven tale that follows the author’s adventures she experienced after purchasing the land for and opening her own sheep farm. When a special sheep named Heart enters her life,

Cheri Magnuson, the shepherd of Coldstream Icelandic Sheep Farm in Maine who retired from Aerospace Engineering in 2013, has completed her new book, “Heart of Leadersheep 2015: Protector of All Things Small”: a heartwarming exploration of the author’s life as a shepherd and how one incredible animal has captured her heart and changed her life in many positive ways.

“Heart is my big, beautiful, intelligent, Leadersheep that lives on Coldstream Icelandic Sheep Farm,” writes Magnuson. “It took me three years to figure out why she never lambed. I just thought she was just waiting for her Prince Charming. Four different rams came through the farm and left without a lamb for her. I know that she loved lambs because she was present for each one’s birth. After the lambs were born, Heart would continually watch over them and protect them. All the lambs love their Auntie Heart and played around her every day. They often showed off in their lamb races. Sometimes Auntie Heart would spring along with them as if her legs were Pogo Sticks. It was hilarious watching a 200-pound ewe bouncing around with the lambs. 

“I had a veterinarian examine her a few years ago to try and figure out why she never lambed. She told me that Heart could never lamb because her gender was not defined. After that revelation, I took her name off the ewe breeding list and gave her the position she had deserved all along. Heart the Leadersheep Protector of all things small.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Cheri Magnuson’s new book is a fascinating and personal tale that explores the daily life of shepherds, and the joy the author experiences each and every day by living out her dreams. Impactful and thought-provoking, Magnuson crafts a wonderful tale of the ways in which animals can work as God’s messengers to transform one’s life in the best ways possible.

Readers can purchase “Heart of Leadersheep 2015: Protector of All Things Small” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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