Author David Dugan’s New Book ‘Karma’s Name is Jesus’ is a Faith-Based Read That Explores How America Can Return to Its Christian Values It Once Started From

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Oct 4, 2022

Recent release “Karma’s Name is Jesus” from Covenant Books author David Dugan is a thorough analysis that explores America’s Christian beginnings and the ways in which, through the years, it has slowly shifted away from Christ’s influence. Through his writings, Dugan postulates how America can begin its return to Christian roots and mend the difficult issues it now faces.

David Dugan, who constantly seeks to view things from a Godly vantage point and connect with everyone who crosses his path, has completed his new book, “Karma’s Name is Jesus”: an overview of the greed and corruption that has eroded American Christian values, and why, through God’s grace and divinity, it must return to its former state of being a Christ-centric nation.

“Most of the signers to the Declaration of Independence were Christians,” writes Dugan. “In America today, however, Jesus is relegated to a back-pocket status for most. There’s been a steady stream of incrementalism that has frayed the stitching of this once-great nation. The gods of politics, fame, money, and political correctness have taken center stage. And it seems like only a small minority of the citizenry even recognize this.”

Dugan continues, “Being saddened or grieved by the moral decline of our society is simply not good enough. It won’t produce change. If you cry over the heinous crimes committed against those most vulnerable, and pray for justice, you’ll rejoice over this book. If you’re fed up with the blatant corruption of our politicians, you’ll be encouraged by this book.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, David Dugan’s new book is an eye-opening look at how, without God as its focal point, America has slipped backwards and allowed sin to seep in and take hold. Raw and honest, Dugan shares his writings in the hopes that readers will be encouraged to do their part in returning America to being a Christian nation and allow Jesus within their hearts and minds.

Readers can purchase “Karma’s Name is Jesus” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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