Author Gwendolyn Marshall, MSW, MLS, DSW-LSW’s new book ‘Empathy, Childhood Trauma and Trauma History as a Moderator’ examines the link between trauma and childcare

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Nov 7, 2022

Recent release “Empathy, Childhood Trauma and Trauma History as a Moderator” from Covenant Books author Gwendolyn Marshall, MSW, MLS, DSW-LSW, explores how unresolved trauma in a caretaker’s life can lead to a lack of empathy for a child’s trauma. Specifically, Marshall explores how domestic abuse and housing instability can affect child-rearing.

Gwendolyn Marshall, MSW, MLS, DSW-LSW, a clinical psychologist/therapist for and substitute teacher who will begin teaching social work courses as an adjunct instructor at a university in Chicago, Illinois, has completed her new book, “Empathy, Childhood Trauma and Trauma History as a Moderator”: a thought-provoking study of how trauma can affect the way in which parents react to their children’s traumatic responses.

“Adult care and supervision are required for children. As children develop, they will experience good and bad interactions in their environments. Trauma is defined in many ways under various circumstances. This study examines the relationship between parenting knowledge and practices and parent-child relationships involving high-risk children (0-5), and caretakers residing in shelters, and the relationship to allegations of trauma reported by the caretaker. These shelters involve domestic violence and homeless shelters. Child trauma is defined as any incident reported as harm to a child including psychological, physical abuse and or neglect resulting from omission or commission by others in the child’s environment. Parental trauma is defined by a self-reported ACE score,” writes author Gwendolyn Marshall, MSW, MLS, DSW-LSW. “The study inquires if empathy is present in parent-child relationships affected by familial domestic violence and residential instability. Participants reside in homeless and domestic violence shelters; adult caretakers of minor children.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Gwendolyn Marshall, MSW, MLS, DSW-LSW’s new book will help readers to better understand how trauma in one person’s life can lead to less empathy for others, specifically in the case of parent-child relationships in which the parent has unresolved trauma from past experiences.

Readers can purchase “Empathy, Childhood Trauma and Trauma History as a Moderator” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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