BNE Presents ‘About Damn Time’, a Concert Showcasing South Asian Culture Through Music & Creating History

Press Release

Jun 2, 2023

Rewriting the narrative and connecting the global audiences to the Next-Gen South Asian artists who have created their unique blend of sounds fusing traditional and modern sounds.

The narrative of South Asian music for generations has been limited to the traditional and classical genres. We are here to take control of that narrative and introduce global audiences to the new generation of South Asian artists who have created their unique blend of sounds fusing traditional and modern sounds. 

BNE, short for Bangla New Era, is a platform dedicated to empowering artists, managers and labels alike with tools to succeed in the entertainment industry. Leaving the technical headache out and focusing on creation. From distribution, curation, promotion to IRL events, BNE aims to cover the requirements and challenges of artists’ full life cycle. Through strategic partnerships, tech-enabled services, events and initiatives, BNE aims to create opportunities for talented artists and showcase their creations to a wider audience.

“About Damn Time” aims to showcase the diverse and vibrant music scene of the South Asian community, bringing together renowned artists who have made significant contributions to the industry as well as up-and-coming promising talents. An extraordinary concert where attendees can expect an evening filled with captivating performances, dance, energetic beats, and a celebration of South Asian heritage and artistry. The concert will feature an impressive lineup of talented artists, including Muza, Nish, Mumzy Stranger, Master-D, Sanjoy, Lil Late, Bhanga Bangla and dance performances by Bushra Khan and team.

The concert will take place at the iconic Exchange LA, located at 618 S Spring St., Los Angeles, on the 18th of June, with doors opening at 8:00 PM. Music enthusiasts and fans are invited to join in on the celebration. To learn more about the event:

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