Errol Flynn’s Captured Sons Film Director Brendan Moriarty’s New Film

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updated: Jul 29, 2018

“Your Eyes Only” now filming with Actors Chad Johnson , Joshua Fredric Smith & Gary Cairns.

​Adventure filmmaker Brendan Moriarty, The man behind the film The Road to Freedom which took storm and had all Hollywood talking aboit about his indie film, which bypassed the gates of the studio system. With Huffington Post calling Brendan Moriarty, “One of those exceptions”.

Moriarty’s first film, The Road to Freedom was rated (R) by the Motion Picture Association of America and was released nationwide with a theatrical run on September 30, 2011. Since then, Moriarty has worked closely with the Cambodian government pushing better relations between the United States in Cambodia. This year, Brendan announced his intentions to bring the film “ Your Eyes Only” to the big screen!

With Actors Joshua Fredric Smith, Gary Cairns, and Chad Johnson from the last season of the ABC’s The Bachelorette as some of the Main cast for this thriller. The film “Your Eyes Only” is about three friends who joined together to take down a sadistic Cult. Brendan new TV show, “He’s With Me,” is Premiering  Summer 2019. Created by Bruce Bellocchi writer from popular hit TV show Melrose Place. 

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