Festival Documentary ‘For I Know My Weakness’ Available Now on Prime Video and Tubi

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Nov 10, 2022

An official selection of IDFA 2012 Amsterdam, New Orleans Film Festival 2013 and the 15th Mumbai Film Festival — a filmmaker helps an addict train hopper with a dark secret on a journey of redemption to the margins of society to find the children she abandoned. As festival posters suggest, ‘the road is hard…home is even harder.’ Shelved for 10 years by the filmmaker, this cinema vérité documentary is finally released.

Festival documentary For I Know My Weakness is available now on Prime Video and on Tubi in the U.S. and worldwide from Los Angeles-based documentary production company shadows+clouds.

For I Know My Weakness had its original premiere at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Posters in the lobby explained the dilemma of the protagonist subject Patty Looper — a woman who had abandoned her children and wishes to return to them — with the phrase “the road is hard…home is even harder.” IDFA catalog blurbs used “tough and confronting” to describe it, which was the likely result of chronicling almost three years in the difficult life of Patty. After its premiere in 2012, it showed at the New Orleans and Mumbai film festivals. Then, director John Dentino shelved it for personal reasons.

Finally, For I Know My Weakness is available to watch on Prime Video at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B8TVLDMD. In addition, viewers may see it with ads — for free — on streaming service Tubi at https://tubitv.com/movies/682445/for-i-know-my-weakness. The shadows+clouds production company website has more information that is regularly updated at https://shadowsandclouds.com/shadowsclouds. IMDb has updates as well at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1948575/

A brand new review in Film International by Elias Savada at http://filmint.nu/for-i-know-my-weakness-review-elias-savada/ opines, “This 2012 film’s urgency works today as well as it might have for a wider audience — if it earned one at all — back then,” and finds significance in the fact that “only late in the film will you find out the filmmaker’s motives behind this weird cinematic excursion.”

The Tubi synopsis offers the following: “A filmmaker helps an addict train hopper with a dark secret on a journey of redemption to the margins of society to find the children she abandoned,” while the official synopsis for the film reads: “Her voice is soft and plaintive, her words a slurry of apologies. For I Know My Weakness shows what happens when a woman who has been a homeless alcoholic for many years returns to the children she had abandoned. Unable to hide from her past, she is forced to contemplate her wounded life and its wake of wreckage. For I Know My Weakness explores uncharted territories that lie in the margins around us, where the filmmaker himself is caught in the vortex of other people’s nightmares.” Other subjects featured are Patty’s son Darrell, daughter Dee Ann, and sister Barbara, as well as filmmaker John Dentino.

Source: shadows+clouds productions

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