Graham Silvers’ New Book ‘N’og-Ard Chronicles: The Crowning of Nathaniel’ is a Thrilling Mission of Nathaniel and His Allies to Save an Ancient Dragon From Evil

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updated: Feb 17, 2021

Graham Silvers, a writer and a brew master at a local brew pub in Madison, has completed his most recent book “N’og-Ard Chronicles: The Crowning of Nathaniel”: a riveting escapade that follows Nathaniel, a young man who wants to be king, venturing on a quest with his friends to rescue N’og-Ard from the brink of death.

Graham writes, “Nathaniel is a dreamer. He loves to go on make-believe adventures with his companion and best friend, Pól. Together, they take on the world. Nathaniel dreams of one day becoming king of the lands because the one who rules now is a tyrant. The king makes life miserable for all those who live in the lands. Nathaniel wants to become king so he can make life more comfortable for the people. One day, he is approached by the Lady in White, who sends him on a real-life adventure. Accompanied by a handful of some of the most mismatched friends, they set out to save the life of the world’s oldest living dragon, N’og-Ard. But there is an evil force at work at the same time. This force is also on the hunt for N’og-Ard. They are determined to see that N’og-Ard dies so that the Black Lord can rise in power once again. The race is on. It is also a race against time because the great N’og-Ard is dying. Who will win in the race? Will Nathaniel and his group of misfits save the day, or will evil win out? In the end, Nathaniel gets his crown. But it is not at all what you expect. Read N’og-Ard Chronicles: The Crowning of Nathaniel. Follow Nathaniel on his journey to save the great N’og-Ard and defeat the evil presence that continues to creep across the lands.”

Published by Fulton Books, Graham Silvers’ book is an action-packed fiction for young and adult readers where we discover the journey of Nathaniel to the crown and his quest of eliminating darkness throughout the kingdom.

Readers who wish to experience this amazing work can purchase “N’og-Ard Chronicles: The Crowning of Nathaniel” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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