Inaudible Messaging Technology Released by Audioalgorithms

Press Release

Oct 5, 2016

AUDIOALGORITHMS.COM today announced a new release of USONIC. The solution allows media content providers, radio stations, TV broadcasters, publishers, festivals etc. to connect with their audience in a brand new way. The technology offered by AUDIOALGORITHMS makes it possible to send INAUDIBLE messages over the air using sound. The solution is platform agnostic and works across multiple platforms ranging from desktop to mobile.

“We are excited about this technology and we are in the process of establishing relationships with clients in Asia, Europe and the US,” said CEO Jakob Ashtar.

“Our clients will be able to target their audience with tailored, contextual messages based on proximity. We see this technology spreading to entertainment industries as well as retail stores. We are currently looking for strategic business partners and may offer this technology for free for a limited period of time.”


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