Kodi’s Trend on the Verge of Decline? Research Conducted by VPNRanks.com Reveals Astonishing Results
Kodi’s Trend on the Verge of Decline? Research Conducted by VPNRanks.com Reveals Astonishing Results

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updated: Aug 13, 2018

Kodi, a free streaming app specifically designed keeping home entertainment in mind – is where you watch Movies, TV Series, Live TV, and Live Sports. Present in 5 million UK homes alone, Kodi’s popularity surged as a perfect TV streamer, until recently its popularity is compromised. VPNRanks.com put forward an analysis for Kodi’s trend decline and revealed 3 factors to be its major cause.

Kodi makes a perfect streaming application for millions of users around the world. Being an open-source software, independent developers produce add-ons that features Free Movies, TV Shows, and other media content. Despite its tendency to deliver free media content, its popularity has gradually declined. VPNRanks.com with its research initiative, finds out what causes people to turn away from the streaming app.

Excessive Kodi crackdown by streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon along with the inception of Digital Economy Act 2017, prevented Kodi third-party add-ons to fully function. TVAddons Repo, the biggest repository in Kodi that hosted illegal add-ons was the first that was hit by the storm.

Kodi users who were able to stream free content on this repository with ease were scattered and looked for other alternatives. Only a handful of Kodi Repo’s retaliated the crackdown, but only to face defeat at the hands of law enforcement. Kodi users still stream free content on Kodi with the use of Kodi VPN that helps them secure their online identity and keeping them anonymous online. To access any website over the internet with full online protection, we recommend these best VPNs.

Google has always been an advocate for copyright owners and closely monitor terms related with piracy. That said, Google removed Kodi from its ‘Autocomplete search box’ that drove away potential Kodi users learning more about the Kodi app.

Finally, VPNRanks.com further investigated the poor quality of fully-loaded Kodi boxes to learn if it had any impact on the decline of the Kodi trend. Fully-loaded Kodi boxes have pre-installed illegal Kodi add-ons that stream copyright Movies and TV Shows for free. It was astonishing to learn that these boxes failed Electronic Safety Tests miserably. As a result, many boxes were reported exploding and causing serious injuries to users. After it was banned by authorities to sell the product online and offline, many users turned to Kodi alternatives.

From all the above-provided reasons that resulted in the decline of Kodi, the app itself was not responsible in any way possible. Kodi is perfectly legal, but since it is an open-source, independent developers have the freedom to create an add-on that happens to violate copyright laws. In fact, Kodi has assisted in the crackdown of such add-ons and co-operated fully. This research conducted by VPNRanks.com was only to spread awareness of why the trend of Kodi itself is in the verge of decline.

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