Nano-Plastic Dual Mode LED T8 Drives Progress in the Lamp Retrofit Market.

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updated: Nov 3, 2017

New material for T8 lamp retrofit applications yields excellent performance and value

Emium Lighting, a full- line LED lighting manufacturer has developed a reputation for its agile ability to move in unison with the latest quality and technology advances within the commercial LED lighting industry. The company continues to build on that reputation with the introduction of its dual-mode Nano-Plastic LED T8 tube.

The Nano-Plastic tubing material provides performance, luminosity, and durability advantages over other more common T8 materials such as glass and polycarbonate/aluminum. Additionally, unlike many other T8 LED tubes, the nanotube provides customers the flexibility to either retrofit their fluorescent tubes without touching the existing ballast, “plug & play”, or to run directly off the incoming line voltage by performing a quick and easy ballast by-pass.

Specific Nano-Plastic advantages include:

  • Nano-Plastic material is lightweight and provides improved heat dissipation compared to earlier generation T8 materials. Nano-Plastic’s internal convection holes release significant amounts of heat for a cooler-functioning, longer-lasting product.
  • Nano-Plastic’s superior bending endurance and strength characteristics make it a more durable and much safer option than glass LED tube materials.
  • Nano-Plastic material is in the same price range as glass tubing, which has been the lowest cost material on the market, and roughly 20 percent less than polycarbonate material.
  • A frosted lens using Nano-Plastic permits higher levels of light to pass through compared to a normal PC lens. Nano-guided particles transmit light without sacrificing lumen strength and disperse light more evenly, which reduces glare.
  • Hot and cold impact tests performed in a temperature/humidity chamber reveal that Nano-Plastic tubes outperform other LED tube lights and has superior optical characteristics, while also being V-O fireproof.

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Source: Emium Lighting, LLC

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