The Fun and Addicting Match It Fast Game Has Launched in the App Store and Google Play

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updated: Jul 19, 2018

This new indie game provides hours of brain-tickling fun with a wide range of levels to keep players engaged on smartphones or tablets.

Match It Fast has just launched in the App Store and Google Play. This fun game, which is suitable for all ages, has players matching adorable puppies before time runs out or tiles get reshuffled. When pairs of puppies are matched, users earn 100 treats per pair.

Match It Fast players must concentrate and maintain focus to make as many matches as possible to earn a passing score and advance to the next level. Players only have five seconds to make a match. Every advancing level becomes increasingly challenging as players progress.

“Creating this game has brought many people joy. We are excited to see our indie app game gain popularity,” says Match It Fast developer Fernando Hernandez. “The game came to me in a dream and one year later, we are fortunate to launch it. It was a fun and exciting experience to create Match It Fast with a team of creative and talented individuals. Our goal for Match It Fast is to give people a positive and enjoyable gaming experience, and for it to become successful globally.”

The game is fun and addictive for players of all ages. Many parents download Match It Fast with the intention of purchasing the game for their children and become fascinated and download the game for themselves. Match It Fast has received many great reviews.

Player DCater says, “Downloaded this game after seeing an ad for it and I can’t stop playing! I am a major dog lover and this game is really attractive to the eyes, great choice on graphics and definitely gets challenging! Can’t wait to share it with friends!”

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About Match It Fast

Match It Fast is the best fast-paced, match-two app game that stimulates the mind. Match It Fast is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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