Tom Hoskins’s New Book ‘Comes Judgment’ is a Spiritual Account That Shares the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ’s Life, Ministry, and Purpose for Mankind

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updated: Apr 21, 2021

Tom Hoskins, a science and physical education teacher near the Bay Area, has completed his most recent book “Comes Judgment”: an enlightening book that proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of God’s will for humanity’s salvation from sin and the coming of his judgment.

Tom writes, “Thank you for picking up this book. It was written with you in mind! There is nobody like you on this earth and you are as important as any other person, from kings to beggars. Jesus Christ existed and lived among us about two thousand years ago. He was brutalized and hung on a cross to die explicitly for you. He was resurrected to prove his credentials as our Savior. Those who place their trust in him will receive forgiveness for sins committed and will live eternally in heaven. Those who reject his offer will not. The amazing thing is, Jesus gives you the choice. Explore his incredible story and the significance of judgment. Many balk at the idea of judgment, but it is a part of everyday life. Judgment is! Find out why but know that Christ offers joy and happiness along with his forgiveness. May you find peace, now and forever. Be blessed!”

Published by Fulton Books, Tom Hoskins’s book greatly emphasizes the power of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice for the world that merits judgment from the Most High at an appointed time of his choosing.

This book aims to spread hope and faith to those who truly need God’s saving grace and unbound love that transcends sin and death.

Readers who wish to experience this reverent work can purchase “Comes Judgment” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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