Artekal Music Releases ArtekalMoji Companion App

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updated: Aug 23, 2018

Artekal music releases fulfilled and feature-packed GIF emoji app ArtekalMoji based on Jamaican and reggae culture.

The ArtekalMoji GIF emoji app features hundreds of GIF emojis based on Jamaican and reggae culture. The app provides users with culturally relevant and dialect-correct terms paired with male and female emoji characters. Patois as a language is very colorful and the app provides just as much color to match the language itself. Similarly, reggae culture is unique and the app captures that uniqueness. The ArtekalMoji app is available for free on the Apple App Store,, and the Google Play store at ArtekalMoji is a companion app to the Artekal Music streaming app.

The apps allow users to share any of the GIF emojis through their favorite messaging apps. The apps also feature an integrated GIF keyboard that makes it quick and easy to send emojis. On the iPhone platform, the app also includes an integrated iMessage app that has iMessage sticker functionality and includes animated GIFs. The apps also feature a sticker store through which Artekal will continue to release new and exclusive GIF emojis. Some releases will include artist exclusives in collaboration with musicians, ensuring a unique and fun experience that includes music fandom. More information on the apps can also be found on the Artekal Music website at  

Artekal Music is a reggae streaming music subscription service based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company also delivers an online reggae magazine published through its blog called the Artekal Big Chune blog. The service works with reggae music creatives and distributors to deliver the best editorial and curatorial reggae music experience on the planet. 

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