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Wendy Day

Wendy Day

Day joins Mike Caren, Ray Daniels, Gabe Saporta and others as members of beatBread’s artist-focused advisors

Wendy has been a wise and supportive voice behind the scenes for a long time, even before beatBread had a name. Her experience, encouragement and direct feedback has been a gift.”

— Peter Sinclair, CEO of beatBread

ST. GEORGE, UT, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ — beatBread (, the AI-driven funding platform for music that enables artists and labels to access growth capital while maintaining ownership and control, has added experienced independent music executive and artist advocate Wendy Day to its Artists Advocacy Council. As the Founder of Rap Coalition and PowerMoves, she has played a key role in the launch of the careers of Eminem and Master P, and has built a career on creating opportunities for artists to achieve success on their own terms.

The beatBread Artists Advocacy Council brings together managers, A&R leaders, and industry executives to guide independent artist support and new feature development on beatBread’s platform, as the company continues to expand its reach in the music industry and extend its platform to give artists more options and leverage to manage their careers. The council meets on a regular basis to give feedback on new features planned for the beatBread platform and provide critical advice to Co-Founders Peter Sinclair and John Haller as the business continues to expand.

Wendy Day is an entrepreneur, author, and artist advisor with three decades of experience in the music industry. She is the Founder of the not-for-profit Rap Coalition, educating thousands of potential rap artists about the music industry. She founded consulting company PowerMoves in 1995 to help artists and independent record labels maximize returns from their music by allowing them to seek investors rather than labels. She is also the author of the book How to Get a Record Deal, and is currently building an incubator for rappers, Artist-Centric.

“Wendy is a powerful advocate for the independent artist and label community, and has worked tirelessly to create the best possible outcomes for people, whether that’s inside or outside the traditional music system,” said beatBread CEO Peter Sinclair. “At beatBread, artist empowerment is our North Star. Wendy has been a wise and supportive voice behind the scenes for a long time, even before beatBread had a name. Her experience, encouragement and direct feedback has been a gift. But, even more, her lived example of artist advocacy served as an inspiration to us before beatBread even began”

“As an artist advocate, I’ve been wary of the many royalty advance companies that have sprung up in the past decade who’ve taken ownership from artists unable to pay back their loans or driven them into bankruptcy. beatBread is the opposite of that – they take no ownership and their advances don’t affect artists’ credit. When Peter was building beatBread, he flew in multiple times to meet with me, asking me to poke holes in their plan and to offer frustrations I saw in the royalty advance industry, proving that they care about the artists. I’ve utilized beatBread for clients and am thrilled to be part of their illustrious Council,” states Wendy Day.

The beatBread Artists Advocacy Council consists of:

• Mike Caren (Artist Partner Group)

• Ray Daniels (Raydar)

• Wendy Day (Rap Coalition/PowerMoves)

• Dave Dederer (Label owner and founding member of The Presidents of the United States of America)

• Kei Henderson (Third & Hayden)

• Nick Jarjour (JarjourCo Management)

• Diana Rodriguez (Criteria Entertainment)

• Gabe Saporta (The Artist Group)

beatBread also offers a white label platform to independent labels and distributors powered by its chordCashAI technology. beatBread has partnered with more than 20 independent distributors and labels, including Symphonic Distribution, UnitedMasters and Too Lost Records, allowing independent labels, distributors and artist service companies to provide deeper financial support to their artists, under their own brand and inside their own digital experiences. In 2023, beatBread launched sliceNote, a powerful new platform to enable fractional investing in independent musicians and labels. Qualified investors can invest in fractions of as little as 1% of any given deal and can join music companies and insiders in a consortium to invest $1000 to $1 million in any artist or independent label.

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