Atticus Publishing Celebrates Jerry L. Burton’s Amazon Best Seller “Get a Grip on the Bible”

Authorial Independence and Strategic Marketing Culminate in a Best-Selling Success

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / — Atticus Publishing proudly announces the extraordinary achievement of Jerry L. Burton‘s “Get a Grip on the Bible: Merging Culture, History, and Scripture,” now a celebrated best-seller on Amazon. This milestone is a testament to Atticus Publishing’s commitment to its authors and its innovative approach to the publishing industry.

Jerry L. Burton’s ascent to the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers list is a masterclass in blending insightful content with strategic marketing and publishing. Atticus Publishing has played a pivotal role in this journey, striking a perfect balance between upholding authorial independence and providing comprehensive promotional support.

A crucial element of this success story was Burton’s decision to retain full rights with Atticus Publishing, allowing for competitive pricing and wider accessibility during the book’s launch. The careful selection of a fitting category for the book ensured it reached the most relevant audience, maximizing impact and reader engagement.

The pre-launch strategy, a testament to Atticus Publishing’s innovative approach, was dynamic and effective. An Advance Review Copy (ARC) campaign created early buzz and secured important reviews, while targeted email marketing leveraged Burton’s network to boost support during the critical pre-order phase.

The campaign’s standout feature was Burton’s Podcast Tour, a collaborative effort with Atticus Publishing. Appearing on various podcasts aligned with the book’s themes, Burton engaged with audiences through meaningful dialogue. These strategic appearances were complemented by an active social media presence, further amplifying the book’s reach.

As a best-selling author under Atticus Publishing, Jerry L. Burton’s future is filled with opportunities. This achievement not only solidifies his reputation but also expands his platform for future projects.

Jerry L. Burton’s success story, powered by Atticus Publishing, serves as an inspiration for authors navigating the publishing landscape. It demonstrates the effectiveness of combining high-quality content, strategic pricing, smart category placement, pre-launch excitement, and a well-planned media tour to achieve remarkable success.

Atticus Publishing is excited to celebrate Jerry L. Burton’s well-earned success and looks forward to the continued impact his work will have on readers worldwide.

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Testimonial – Jerry Burton, author of Get a Grip on the Bible

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