Author Cindy Barry Strobel Takes Readers on a Miraculous Journey Through Heaven in New Book: “WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES?”

Embark on a Spiritual Odyssey from Texas Cinderella to Heavenly Scarecrow

UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — Renowned author Cindy Barry Strobel invites readers to embark on a faith-based, life-changing journey in her latest book, “WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES? My Miraculous Journey through Heaven: What I Discovered About How God Works Will Revolutionize Your Life.” This captivating memoir, spanning from the 1950s to the present, combines elements of drama, spirituality, and miraculous experiences that will leave readers inspired and deeply moved.

About the Book: In “WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES?” Cindy Barry Strobel shares her incredible life story, which includes a transformative near-death experience and an exploration of the afterlife. Starting as a Texas Cinderella, her remarkable journey takes a surprising turn when she dies and ventures into the realms of heaven. Returning to life as a Scarecrow without a brain, Cindy’s story unfolds with breathtaking revelations and miracles that make medical history.

Readers will be transported into Cindy’s mind, which was left in a state of vacancy, akin to a tornado’s aftermath. She navigates through the debris of her own thoughts, piecing together the puzzle of her life and discovering extraordinary treasures along the way. This story is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the unbreakable human spirit.

Cindy’s book draws parallels to iconic films like “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Way We Were,” and “La La Land,” making it a unique and compelling read for audiences of all backgrounds.

About the Author: Cindy Barry Strobel is not only an author but also a mother of two boys and a dozen chickens. Her creative talents extend to crafting mirrors, furniture, crosses, and chandeliers from driftwood and reclaimed objects. Her remarkable crafts and home décor have been featured in Down Home Magazine’s Spring Edition in 2012.

This is her debut book, although she has contributed a short excerpt to the book “88+Ways Music Can Change Your Life” by Vincent James.

What Inspired the Book: Driven by her deep Christian faith, Cindy was challenged during a Bible study to document her experiences in the heavenly realms. This inspired her to share the profound lessons, struggles, miracles, and spiritual connections she encountered throughout her life’s journey. Her book serves as a testament to the importance of faith, hope, and the enduring grace of God.

Primary Message: “WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES?” encourages readers to embrace the unexpected, live a life that glorifies Jesus, and find solace in the knowledge that death is not to be feared. The book highlights the beauty of the afterlife, the strength of faith, and the enduring presence of God’s grace along life’s winding roads.

“WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES? My Miraculous Journey through Heaven: What I Discovered About How God Works Will Revolutionize Your Life” is now available for purchase on Author’s Website and major online retailers.

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