Author Larry Moeller’s New Book, ‘A Fateful Flaw’, is a Fictional Take on the 40 Days After Baptism as Jesus Wrestles With His Humanity and the Temptations of Satan

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Oct 17, 2022

Recent release “A Fateful Flaw: The 40-Day Wilderness Journey of Jesus” from Covenant Books author Larry Moeller is a fictional account of the Biblical tale in which Jesus goes into the desert to prepare for his ministry. Aided by angels, animals, and Biblical characters, Jesus faces multiple forms of temptation from Satan and grapples with human desires and his divine calling.

Larry Moeller, a small business owner and author, has completed his latest book, “A Fateful Flaw: The 40-Day Wilderness Journey of Jesus”: a thought-provoking narrative that fills in the gaps of the Biblical tale depicting Jesus’s 40 days in the desert following his baptism.

“‘A Fateful Flaw’ is a fictional tale set in the Judean wilderness immediately following the baptism of Jesus,” writes Moeller. “Aided by the archangels Michael and Gabriel and other heavenly beings, God-now-man Jesus—shackled by time—grapples with human frailty and the sinister wiles of the devil. Whimsy and humor interlace pointed truths.

“Through intimate interactions with historic biblical characters, the man Jesus explores the gift of free will and probes the insidious effect of temptation to alter the course of one’s life. In surprising one-on-ones with Satan, he experiences both the lure and the distraction of lust (caution: adult content) and weighs the allure of immortality. In the end, it is Satan who is caught flat-footed.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Larry Moeller’s new book reveals a different side of Jesus not often explored as he grapples with the tension between his human and divine personas. Readers will find their understanding of Jesus and his time on Earth expanded to better appreciate his mortality and all that he faced for all of God’s followers.

Readers can purchase “A Fateful Flaw: The 40-Day Wilderness Journey of Jesus” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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