Author of Children’s Books Set to Release New Novel for Adults, Moffett’s Wife on March 10th

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Mar 7, 2016

Moffett’s Wife to be released March 10

Author Alan Wallach’s thriller takes place in Milan, Italy

Author of of Children’s books schedules release of new adult novel “Moffett’s Wife” on March 10th.


Author Alan Wallach’s thriller takes place in Milan, Italy

Marcella Algani is now married to Jason Moffett. When her son Michele Algani is charged with the murder of his business partner and convicted, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Angry that his conviction is unreasonable because the carabinieri can’t find any other suspects she feels she has to act. She thinks the real killer is right under their noses so she fakes a stroke-like attack and assumes the role of a catatonic, just listening. With the help of Michele’s brilliant friend Alberto and her sister Francesca, they not only find the killer and the motive, they uncover a much more extensive and dangerous situation than they anticipated. At the end, Marcella’s unexpected court appearance to testify stuns the criminals.

A retired computer consultant, Alan is the author of a series of books, The Kieran Adventure Series for young readers to motivate his grandson to read. Most of his previous writing had been mainly aimed at the computer market. Alan wrote a computer column for 14 years for the Sunday Berkshire Eagle in western Massachusetts and two technical books for a non-technical audience, Plain English Guide to Your PC and The Year 2000 Hoax, both of which were published in the 1990s

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