Author Vanessa Jackson’s new book ‘The Loving Hand of God’ follows a young woman who finds herself on a grand adventure while being supported by the Lord

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Oct 5, 2022

Recent release “The Loving Hand of God” from Covenant Books author Vanessa Jackson is a faith-based read that centers around a young woman who finds herself flying through the air while being carried by God’s hand. Viewing fantastic imagery and being protected from danger along her journey, the young woman realizes that God will provide and protect for all of humanity as He did for her.

Vanessa Jackson, a lifelong writer who began telling stories at age six, has completed her new book, “The Loving Hand of God”: a charming tale of how God helps a young woman experience her dream of flying by carrying her through the skies in His hand.

“Imagine soaring through the air playing ‘I spy,’ spying the sun and sky, pretty little trees, sparkling waters and streams, and beautiful birds—only to realize you are in the humongous hand. Wow, what can this be? Yes, it is our Lord God Almighty. He is so loving and caring that He carries us throughout all the times of our lives. The loving hand of God is a true dream about a young girl who was so excited to know that God will take care of us all. Isn’t it wonderful to know that God will never leave us? Never! Isn’t it wonderful to know that God has us all in the palm of His hand? And isn’t it amazing also to know that one day He will do the same exact thing for you too?”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Vanessa Jackson’s new book is a captivating tale with an important message of the ways in which God will take care of His children and carry them through difficult times. Full of vibrant and stunning artwork, readers of all ages will find something to engage with each time they return to this uplifting tale.

Readers can purchase “The Loving Hand of God” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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