Author Walter R. Scarborough Discusses Biblical Prophecy and Future Events on Spotlight TV with Logan Crawford

From Today to Eternity: A Study of Biblical Prophecy and End Times Volume 1

Scarborough’s latest work, “From Today to Eternity”, explores future biblical events and their impact on humanity

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — In a recent interview with the Emmy Award-winning Logan Crawford on Spotlight TV, author Walter R. Scarborough delved into the intricate world of Biblical prophecy and end times, shedding light on his latest book, “From Today to Eternity: A Study of Biblical Prophecy and End Times Volume 1”. This comprehensive study aims to clarify and demystify the Bible’s prophetic messages about the future.

Scarborough’s book addresses the uncertainty and apprehension many Christians feel about what lies ahead. By examining prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled and those from the past that influence future events, Scarborough provides readers with a structured and accessible approach to understanding Biblical prophecies. “From Today to Eternity” underscores the significance of prophecy in the Bible, noting that nearly a quarter of its content pertains to future events, half of which are still pending.

Written from a literal, futuristic, and dispensational perspective, Scarborough’s work adopts pretribulational and premillennial views, emphasizing that the Church does not replace Israel. These theological stances are crucial for comprehending the framework within which Biblical prophecies should be interpreted. The first volume sets the stage by discussing the background, concepts, and theology necessary for studying these prophecies, while the second volume will focus on the specific events predicted to occur.

Despite not having a formal theological degree, Walter R. Scarborough brings a unique perspective to his writings. With over 45 years of experience as an architect, he approaches the study of prophecy with the same meticulous attention to detail and systematic methodology he applies to his architectural projects. His deep commitment to his faith and teaching experience as a Bible study leader further enrich his insights.

The inspiration for his book emerged from a small men’s fellowship in the 1990s, where Scarborough’s teachings on prophecy and end times spanned over six years and culminated in an 850-page narrative. Recognizing the value of this extensive study, he transformed his teachings into a comprehensive book aimed at helping Christians understand the prophetic portions of the Bible.

In his interview with Logan Crawford, Scarborough emphasized the importance of understanding Biblical prophecies in today’s world. “I think every Christian should have at least the basic understanding of the prophecy of the end times”, he noted, furthering the relevance and urgency of his work.

The interview aired on May 29, 2024, across multiple platforms including The Spotlight Network YouTube Channel, Spotify, Roku, and Fire TV, reaching a global audience.

For those interested in exploring the depths of Biblical prophecy, “From Today to Eternity: A Study of Biblical Prophecy and End Times Volume 1” offers a thorough and enlightening read, and it’s now available for purchase on Amazon and other leading book retailers worldwide.

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