Ava Bamby Partners With HYGO to Build Copyright Protection Technology

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updated: Apr 24, 2021

The strategic partnership tackles digital content piracy and exploitation.

Ava Bamby has been one of Tiktok’s fastest-growing content creators in 2021, gaining over 1 million followers in her first month.

While Bamby’s primary goal is creating entertaining content for her fans, her entrepreneurial ambitions extend to the technology sector in which she has been personally affected. Bamby, along with tens of thousands of other creators, faces a series of critical problems: copyright infringement, personal information leaks, and other illegal exploitation of her content.

“Content creators have their privacy violated and their intellectual property rights abused every single day,” says Ava Bamby. “What we’re building will give creators peace of mind about criminals illegally distributing their content, image, and likeness across the internet.”

The pairing between Bamby and HYGO was a natural one.

“We work with hundreds of digital influencers to grow and monetize their audience,” says Stephen Zhang, CEO of HYGO. “The industry needs this – there is no good digital protection out there.”

In addition to funding, HYGO will take an instrumental role in shipping the finished product to all major web-hosting providers, content websites, and government agencies around the world.

About Ava Bamby:

Keep up with her at: AvaBamby.com

About HYGO:

HYGO is a global media company focused on creating original video content to educate and entertain its audience of more than 250 million people each month. HYGO builds unique digital brands around popular categories that people are passionate about.


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