Book Brings Valuable Lessons in New Memoir

Two Good Deals

Follow the Life of Author Ken and Shirley in a Family Journey That Touches Hearts

YORBALINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2023/ — Memoirs serve as a legacy for the generations to follow. When we pass on from this earth, the literary masterpieces and stories remain alive in mind and hearts. This is what the author Ken Deal wants to achieve. At the same time, he aspires to bring to the world a spiritual guide based on his own and his family’s journey.

The book, “Two Good Deals” captures the events of the authors from childhood to their marriage in their early twenties.

“Our book is about our lives, in chapters that are easy to read and are selective. It is primarily a history and Spiritual guide to family and friends. However, for those who may have wished they had put together a little history for their family and just don’t know where to start or how to get it on paper, it may be just what they are looking for,” Ken says.

Ken and Shirley Lee Taylor have many things in common. Ken grew up in Texas and Shirley grew up in Maryland on farms during the depression. Each had very early family responsibilities looking after parents. Each was the only remaining child at home with aging parents. Each was the only High School graduate in their family. Kenneth participated in sports while Shirley was the sports editor in her school paper. Finally. each became Christians at an early age.

Ken resided with Shirley, until she passed away July 9, 2020 in the only waterfront continuous care facility in Southern Maryland. At 95, Ken still lives independently at Asbury Retirement Facility and is active as the Chaplain of the Calvert County, Maryland Gideons.

Then jointly from marriage through child rearing and careers in civilian and military service, this was followed by a career in the business world, combined with community service volunteers in Lions Clubs International, Veterans Administration and Jail Prison ministry.

“This book is primarily a history and Spiritual guide book to family members,” Ken says. “I hope that this will bring inspiration and motivation to couples, to the young people, and even to church members,” he continues.

“Two Good Deals” is now available on Amazon and other leading digital bookstore channels worldwide.

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