Adventures in the Biostate receives high praise from Seattle Book Review

Adventures in the Biostate

Like Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Catcher in the Rye, there’s a lot of truth hidden in Andy’s book. It’s a must-read!”

— Foluso Falaye

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2024 / — Author Andy Lazris invites readers on an enthralling journey through a dystopian future with his latest literary work, “Adventures in the Biostate.” Set twenty-five years ahead, this captivating novel unveils a series of interconnected vignettes that delve into the lives of individuals navigating the perilous landscape of the Biostate.

“Adventures in the Biostate” is a captivating novel set 25 years into the future, where a Committee of Medical Experts governs amidst perpetual emergency and manufactured medical crises. Through interconnected stories, the book follows diverse characters from Africa, Chicago, and DC, culminating in a climactic battle near Baltimore. As truths are unveiled and deception exposed, the characters must fight for their lives and beliefs in a society clouded by unquestionable authority. The central question of who will prevail shakes the foundations of a society on the brink of chaos.

Foluso Falaye of Seattle Book Review praises the book, stating, “From the intricate backstories to the contrasting and unique personalities, the book hooks you with an interesting group of characters.”

Falaye commends the seamless integration of various themes, including dystopia, discrimination, politics, education, health, science, romance, and more.

“Adventures in the Biostate is not only an engrossing fiction that’s hard to put down for even a second, it’s also a greatly insightful book that serves as a warning on the grim reality of a future of relying completely on modern systems as opposed to embracing natural, healthy living or asking important questions. Like Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Catcher in the Rye, there’s a lot of truth hidden in Andy’s book. It’s a must-read!”

Andy Lazris, an esteemed voice in healthcare discourse, brings his expertise to illuminate the harsh realities faced by patients and physicians alike. Drawing from his experience as a practitioner serving the elderly and witnessing the COVID pandemic firsthand, Lazris offers a unique perspective in his writing.

“I wrote this book to envision a world shaped by the enduring impact of COVID over a quarter century,” Lazris explains. “It’s meant to be both humorous and chilling, revealing the human side of the struggle against the Biostate and exposing its dark potential. Until we recognize the value of each individual, capable of making their own decisions, and prioritize honest discourse over authoritarian dictates, we remain mere puppets in the hands of those pulling the strings.”

“Adventures in the Biostate” stands as a testament to Lazris’ narrative prowess and his dedication to challenging the status quo. It emerges as a guiding light in contemporary literature, urging readers to question authority and envision a future where hope triumphs over the shadows of fear.

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