Author James Kahn’s Publishing Platform on Blockchain Innovator Creatokia Goes Live April 7

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Return of the Jedi author James Kahn to release NFTs and Digital Originals of his early Sci-Fi Novels on April 7 with Blockchain Literary Powerhouse Creatokia

Getting my original novels, short stories, and literary ephemera published on blockchain is a new world for me. I’m excited to show up in Web3, and with the possibilities for interactivity it creates.”

— James Kahn

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2023/ — James Kahn – author of multiple novelizations, including RETURN OF THE JEDI, is excited to announce his LANDING PAGE on the literary blockchain publishing house Creatokia goes live as of April 7, 2023. Users will be able to purchase NFTs and digital originals of his long out-of-print science fiction trilogy – WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME, TIME’S DARK LAUGHTER, and TIMEFALL.

The initial release will include special features and exclusive content such as individual pages and chapters with handwritten notes on them, his own hand-drawn maps marking progress on the quest in the novel, and personal illustrations. Beyond that, members of James Kahn’s Creatokia Community can participate in online talks with the author, and contests to draw their own book cover for the novel.

Becoming a member of Kahn’s community requires getting a Community Token – like a membership card. Earlybirds can get this free during the opening weeks, and for a nominal fee thereafter. All NFTs and Digital Originals will be reasonably priced, to make them accessible to fans and the curious without a large financial commitment. Community members will then get first choice of special releases as time goes on – and if the value of these NFTs goes up in the future, the purchase can be considered an investment as well. But it’s primarily a way to revisit Kahn’s old works with an added personal touch, as well as to read newly penned material nobody has seen before.

In addition to being a novelist, James Kahn has had several successful careers, starting out as an Emergency Medicine physician. From there he became a medical consultant and extra on the resuscitation scene in the film ET: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL. This led to penning the novelizations not only of RETURN OF THE JEDI, but THE GOONIES, POLTERGEIST, and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. From there he segued into writing numerous television series, including XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, and William Shatner’s TEKWAR – ultimately becoming a writer-producer on MELROSE PLACE and STAR TREK: VOYAGER.

Kahn’s Creatokia pages will start with content from his first, now out-of-print sci-fi novel, WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME – and will progress to releases not only of the other two books in this New World Trilogy, but a number of his original novels, including INCARNATE, THE WAKE-UP CALL, THE TWELFTH ELF, and MATAMOROS.

New World Trilogy maps and pen-and-ink illustrations from the first Del Rey publication in 1980, done by multimedia artist Jill Littlewood, will also be featured on the site – as well as subsequent cover art by phenomenal graphics artist and illustrator Bart Bus.

Also on the landing page is a link to Kahn’s latest album, BY THE RISIN’ OF THE SEA – a collection of original sea shanties about contemporary crises such as climate change, viral pandemics, refugee migrations, and species die-offs – social and environmental upheavals that could well lead to the dystopia envisioned in the New World Trilogy.

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