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SONOMA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2023 / — Do you dream of becoming a best-selling author, but not sure how to get started? Maybe your mind is racing with ideas, but you find it hard to nail them down. You’ve attempted to make notes or to create an outline, but you keep second-guessing your direction. Or perhaps you’ve completed a manuscript, but no matter how many queries you’ve sent out to publishers, all you get are rejection letters.

The truth is, unless you’re a high-profile celebrity, have publishing connections, or have millions of social media followers, it’s unlikely that you’ll land a Big Five contract.

But what if you had an experienced professional to guide you to a published book that matches the benchmarks of commercial publishers? Someone who’s been there, found success, and can help you stay focused so that you, too, can achieve your goals?

Lindsay Whiting, author, independent publisher, and book coach is one such professional who is equipped to help writers at any stage of the book publishing process. As a dedicated Book Coach she helps self-publishers plan, prepare, publish, and promote nonfiction books. Lindsay acts as guide, committed partner, and accountability buddy every step of the way. Whether you need referrals to vetted editors or book designers, Lindsay helps writers achieve their goals and objectives.

Most working professionals today are juggling work, relationships, and many other life challenges that cause them to lose focus on completing their drafts. That is especially why people need coaches—for accountability.

Before sitting down to write your manuscript, you need to visualize your goals and objectives clearly. You need to think beyond general outcomes and results—to more specifically define what success means to you. Self-publishing, Whiting emphasizes, is a multifaceted process that requires much more than simply uploading a Word file on platforms like Amazon KDP and hoping for the best.

According to Whiting, there are four stages to publishing any book. First, writers perform their due diligence by researching other books in their genre to discover how theirs is different or better. By doing research, writers are better able to frame and position their books so that they can sharpen their manuscripts and write to their audience. Production planning helps to get books into print and distribution, and creating a sales and marketing plan will help authors raise their profiles and attract new opportunities.

Whiting graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a BA in Journalism and Women’s Studies and has worked in print and publishing for the whole of her career. Her experience in journalism and as an entrepreneurial publisher have given her a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the publishing process.

Whiting owned and operated a literary greeting card company, Paper Lantern, for over 15 years, selling cards to book stores, meditation centers, and art galleries. In 1999, Paper Lantern was named as one of the top ten sidelines for independent bookstores by the American Booksellers Association. In 2001, New Age Retailer Magazine profiled Paper Lantern as one of the best innovative new age card lines nationwide.

Lindsay wrote and self-published her first book Living into Art, Journeys Through Collage, through her imprint, Paper Lantern. The book was chosen as a Finalist in ForeWord’s Book of the Year, and also chosen for an Honorable Mention in the inspirational category of the Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.

Buoyed by these distinctions, Whiting became determined to break the stigma that self-published books are of subpar quality. She started coaching and working with other writers when they saw her book. The quality blew them away. When she told them it was self-published, some wanted to learn how to publish their own books. Over the next few years, Lindsay developed and wrote Self-Publisher’s Book Plan; How to Plan, Prepare, Publish Your Nonfiction Book to create a framework for the process.

Lindsay works with thought leaders, public speakers, educators, and experts who want to make a contribution and impact the lives of others.

Don’t miss Lindsay’s upcoming interview with Jim Masters. She will inspire every writer with hope and reassurance that their dreams of becoming a published author is absolutely achievable.

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