Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains (Fifth Edition: 2023)

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Scaling mountains entails overcoming the grueling demands of harsh weather, altitude sickness, and intricate physical hurdles, demanding nothing less than unwavering physical and psychological strength. Similarly, the journey through life presents various obstacles that can be difficult to navigate, necessitating humans to display tenacity, fortitude, and resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

The Author, Alan V. Goldman, maintains that many of the same physical and moral challenges faced by the mountaineer are also present in “everyday” life, though the mountaineer may experience them to a sharper degree. In his Book, Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains (Fifth Edition: 2023), the Author shares his experiences and personal reflections on just what it takes to succeed in the challenging, and rewarding, though hazardous, pursuit of mountaineering. It consists of 132 Narrative-style poems that captivate the reader’s attention and convey lucid, coherent, and cogent stories and ideas that draw upon the author’s variety of exploits in the mountain environment.

In particular, the Author relates the substance of his insights about human nature in the arena of the high mountains. He leads readers on an adventure, showcasing the awe-inspiring allure and challenges of mountaineering, while musing on the inner meaning of life as revealed to him in the context of exploring a climber’s perception of the nature of reality itself. In so doing, the Book raises haunting ethical dilemmas that will leave readers pondering the knotty situations involved, and questioning themselves about how they would have dealt with the quandaries that are posed.

The Fifth Edition is a must-read for anyone interested in the emotions evoked by the process of mountaineering, and is not a “how-to-climb” book that people may think it might be. The Book has already garnered praise from many reviewers who made verified purchases on Amazon, as well as from professional critics. One such Amazon reviewer, called Primer, states that “this collection of poems encompasses the vastness of personal struggles, of one’s insights, and revelations while experiencing the sheer exhilaration of clinging to the side of a towering bluff…” As Primer also trenchantly remarks, a climber’s “personal triumphs and disasters [are] each enwrapped in the brutal beauty found only at the top of some of our worlds greatest peaks”. Likewise, Mari Carlson of the US Review of Books writes, “The whole work edifies in its celebration of a timeless meeting between nature’s awesome power and brave souls willing to face their limits”.

Overall, the book is a thought-provoking and inspiring read that offers something for everyone. In this regard, one professional critic had this to say: “The moral questions and dilemmas Goldman grapples with within his journey are applicable to both climbers and non-climbers alike, making this collection a worthwhile read to all.” Theresa Kadair, Portland Book Review. Whether it is someone who is an experienced mountaineer or who simply loves the outdoors, this book surely leaves a fresh appreciation of the power and beauty of nature. Further, as Joan Kirschner of the Indie Reader perceives, “No reader will look at the mountainous scenery or photography of mountain subjects in quite the same way after reading these poems”. Indeed, the book represents a sea-change in how we view the mountain environment.

Make sure to get a copy of the Book, Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains (Fifth Edition: 2023) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores. Those who wish to learn more can do so by visiting the Author’s fulsome Website: www.mountainreflections.art

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