Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball

David D. Moon’s literary alchemy illuminates the intricate dance between science and theology, forging an enlightened future powered by energy innovation.

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Many scientists are engrossed with knowing how old our planet is. Thus, many scientists focus on fossil study to bring new facts and new ideas to create new knowledge that will enlighten the world we live in.

In the book, Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball, prolific author David D. Moon presents the most interesting ideas and methodologies that will enlighten especially those paleontologists and geologists.

“Paleontologists and geologists,” Moon says, “are interested in the ages of fossils, rocks, and minerals, from which they deduce the ages of geologic strata in the Geologic Column. Scientists make use of radioactive dating methods, such as the radioactive decays of carbon 14, uranium 238, and thorium 232 in fossils and minerals.”

At this time, accurate age determinations depend on knowing the rate of the radioactive emissions and the relative amounts of initial and product elements in the decay series. “However, if an interfering nuclear change took place earlier, the perceived age of the earth deposit would have to be wrong,” Moon says.

In 1989, the discovery of cold fusion-the fusion of hydrogen to make helium and energy inside metal electrodes at room temperature-was announced by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah. Soon after, cold fusion research also revealed that nuclear transmutations, forming many new elements, occur liberally. Even purposely-added radioactive uranium and thorium in cold fusion-type cells resulted in transmutations, and the disappearance of up to 95 percent of the radioactivity in hours or minutes.

In Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball, the author postulates interfering nuclear (element) changes occurring in the Earth, and proposes that extensive element transmutations occurred from intense hydrodynamics using biblical references.

“There had been much alteration of radioactive elements that took place, rendering unreliable the radioactive dating results in most analyses done today,” Moon discloses.

According to Moon, the book is written for the non-scientist, but those trained in the physical sciences or engineering are invited to examine the new hypothesis of Earth’s element transmutations and the consequential alteration of dating earth material by radioactive elements.

Amy K, an Amazon-verified reviewer says, Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball, by David D. Moon is a highly enlightening read, not only for geologists and paleontologists, but for archaeologists (like myself) as well. This book sheds a ton of on the future of carbon dating, cold fusion and what that means for all of us in the lab in terms of the study of the history of humans and existence.”

Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and the Curve Ball is now available on Amazon and other distribution channels worldwide!

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