Henning R. Jensen tells readers “You Create Your Life” by combining science with spirituality

Self-Help Book Guides Readers with Quantum Physics

DENMARK, June 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Electrical engineer, enterprise architect, IT and business development expert Henning R. Jensen synthesizes many years of research as well as life experiences to present a guide that will help enable readers to take charge of their existences. “You Create Your Life – quantum physics explains how” shows the effect one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs can have in life, which means that these can be harnessed and channeled to attain positive results.

“Thoughts and feelings create and emit energy that influence both our selves and our environment. Quantum physics has shown that every thought sends energy through electromagnetic waves emitted from the mind while our hearts send electromagnetic waves created by emotions.” Jensen says. He explains in an easy to understand way how the physical and non-physical worlds can be understood through the principles of quantum physics.

In his book he explains how the frequency of these waves depend on each individual’s DNA, which emits a unique frequency through the biophotons in human cells. This explains how people can be attuned to one another as well as how one’s health can be influenced by thoughts, feelings and beliefs because the brain releases chemicals into the body based on how one perceives the world.

Since quantum physics shows that everything is energy, connecting everything in the same way that the waves in the ocean influence and change each other when they meet, Jensen surmises that individuals and communities share similar bonds. He holds that the feeling of connectedness is a basic truth of the human condition. By being conscious of one’s actions, feelings and thoughts people can steer their individual lives to desired directions and even have a positive effect on others’ existences as well.

“By creating balance between the brain and the heart – and between the left and right brain hemispheres – we can attain the life we desire.” Jensen explains. In his book he also shares four concrete exercises to practice manifesting one’s desires in life.

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A qualified electrical engineer and Carnegie Mellon-certified enterprise architect with 22 years of experience in IT and business development, Henning R. Jensen is experienced in communicating contexts and complex technologies to both technical and non-technical audiences.

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