“Kissing Asphalt” receives 4 stars from San Francisco Book Review
“Kissing Asphalt” receives 4 stars from San Francisco Book Review

Kissing Asphalt by Delicia Niami

[It] may help you manage your own grief and find light even in the darkest of times.”

— Theresa Kadir

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Having lived a life of trauma and hardships, author Delicia Niami is ready to tell her story of how resilience isn’t inherited but something to be developed from our past.

In “Kissing Asphalt” Delicia Niami shares her life story with honesty, detailing things about her kidnapping and having to live in a new country, all while continuing to be assaulted.

“Kissing Asphalt by Delicia Niami is unlike any memoir I have ever read,” said Theresa Kadair, a reviewer at San Fransisco Book Review.

“Capturing her life, Niami recounts the horrific tragedies of her youth, all of which have made her into the resilient, inspiring woman she is today…The fact that Niami can write of these events shows her incredible strength.” Read the full review on San Francisco Book Review.

“Kissing Asphalt” is the first book in Delicia Niami’s new trilogy, ResilliantAF.

“(This book) highlights how resilience isn’t inherited, it’s a hard-fought skill forged by our ability to pick up the broken pieces of our past and remake them into something new,” said Niami.

“In my debut memoir, I recount how I survived the unimaginable. Revisiting my terrifying past with vulnerability, compassion and honesty. I face my childhood scars and learn how to confront my fears, accept my true value and identity, and embrace my unique gifts.”

Reviewer Theresa Kadir recommends “Kissing Asphalt” to those who may relate to Niami’s story saying “[it] may help you manage your own grief and find light even in the darkest of times.”

“My book covers some profound subjects drenched in trauma and a bit of joy sprinkled throughout it all. Through my series I hope to show people that if no matter what this life has thrown at you, if you desire it and work hard enough, we can always find the light and joy in life and that we are ALL RESILIENTAF!”

Find more information about “Kissing Asphalt” here.

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