MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes Talks New Book Black Founder at FutureCast 2023

Stacy Spikes, Co-founder and CEO, MoviePass

Photo of Julian S. Newman, Founder and CEO of The FutureCast Foundation

Julian S. Newman, Founder and CEO, The FutureCast Foundation

Fireside Chat and Book Signing with African American Entrepreneur & Film Industry Influencer

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2023 / — Author and MoviePass co-founder/CEO Stacy Spikes will be a featured speaker, along with other high profile C-suite leaders from a range of industries including beauty, sports, and tech at FutureCast 2023. The third annual futurist event will be held Friday, October 20, 2023, at the end of Advertising Week in Manhattan, New York. The hybrid experience will take place in-person at an exclusive location from 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET. Virtual and limited in-person tickets are available through October 18th at

The daylong event starts with a fireside chat with Stacy Spikes and Julian S. Newman, founder and CEO of The FutureCast Foundation. The intimate conversation will include the future of movies and Spikes new memoir “Black Founder: The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider”, followed by a book signing. Stacy Spikes is an award-winning entrepreneur and inventor who USA Today named one of the 21 most influential Black leaders in technology. He holds several technology patents and is the co-founder and CEO of the nation’s first theatrical subscription service, MoviePass. In addition, Spikes is the founder of Urbanworld, the largest international festival dedicated to nurturing Women and BIPOC filmmakers.

FutureCast 2023 will bring together thought leaders from around the world to forecast the future through a lens of hope. The non-traditional business conference will include a social impact awards ceremony, pizza party, ice cream social, and conclude with a tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary that will feature a fireside chat with the iconic multi-award-winning music video and television director Benny Boom.

FutureCast is an annual Anthem Award-winning event presented by The FutureCast Foundation and sponsored by Critical Mass, Subaru of America, Inc., Jackson Walker LLP, Eclipse Awards, Inclusive Communication Services, Culture Creative, Pod Brooklyn Hotel, Disruptive Technologists, and WrightOne Media Group. FutureCast 2023 is open to the public. Virtual and limited in-person tickets are available through October 18th at

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FutureCast is an inaugural Anthem Award-winning event presented by The FutureCast Foundation, a global think tank founded by Julian S. Newman. Established in 2021, FutureCast is an innovative and interactive experience that brings together diverse thought leaders from around the world to showcase and strategize social impact solutions. Learn more at

As the visionary founder and CEO behind FutureCast, Julian S. Newman was named a Diversity & Inclusion Leader of the Year at the Inaugural Anthem Awards in 2022. Featured on NPR and Fox News affiliates, Julian is an international award-winning expert leading the consulting firm Culture Creative. He is the creator of The Akoni System, a leadership development system and author of the forthcoming book Beautiful Together.

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FutureCast 2023: Forecasting the Future Through A Lens of Hope

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