Quiency Davison Guest Stars In New Episode Of ‘Dead Encounter’ A Web Series Written & Hosted By Horror Author JT Wulf

The Missing Girl That Wasn’t

Quiency Davison

Quiency Davison

Dead Encounter - Web Series

Dead Encounter – Web Series

DEAD - A New Book By JT WULF

DEAD – A New Book By JT WULF

Quiency Davison Guest Stars playing the role of 16 year old Doyle Meyer who vanishes for four days only later to find evidence that he had lived in 1933

The episode Titled “The Lost Summer Camp” is a thrilling and mysterious installment of the web series “Dead Encounter,””

— JT Wulf

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The episode Titled “The Lost Summer Camp” is a thrilling and mysterious installment of the web series “Dead Encounter,” based on a short story written by the talented horror author JT Wulf. Set in the summer of 2023, it revolves around two young camp counselors, Carrie Riddick and Doyle Meyer, brilliantly portrayed by Quiency Davison. “On that fateful June 10th, as the sun set over Deeplake, Kentucky, Carrie and Doyle mysteriously vanished from their beloved summer camp,” explains writer JT Wulf. “Days later, to everyone’s astonishment and relief, they were found walking down a desolate roadway four hundred miles from where they had disappeared.”

Wulf says, “What makes this episode truly intriguing is when my character JT Wulf himself investigates further into this peculiar incident during an interview for his podcast ‘Dead Encounter’.” As he delves deeper into the matter with witnesses and victims who have encountered supernatural phenomena or experienced contact with those beyond our realm of existence – he stumbles upon an astonishing revelation. According to Wulf, “‘The problem was never a camp at a town called ‘Deeplake’ in Kentucky. There was no such place called ‘Deeplake,’ Kentucky.'”

About ‘Dead Encounter’

“Dead Encounter,” is a fictional podcast series. This episode is based on the Short Story ” The Missing Girl That Wasn’t” written by Host JT WULF who is a real horror author who interviews fictional witnesses and victims who have had encounters with the after life. ‘Dead Encounter’ is written and Executive Produced by JT Wulf. Contributing writer is Mortaza Tokhy.

Website: https://www.deadencounter.com/

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Dead Encounter — Episode 3

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