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Surrender and trust allows us to receive the gifts that life offers each of us.

I feel more alive and more anchored in my experience. What a gift the diagnosis of MS has been”

— Dr. Ruth Cherry

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 20, 2023 / — Learning to practice availability, surrender and trust allows us to receive the gifts that life offers each of us. Our day-to-day experience holds opportunities to heal old emotional wounds, resolve mistaken beliefs, and form habits for living in a healthy partnership with life.

Many people accept that stress is a necessary challenge, not realizing that they themselves create much of the stress they experience. Our response to our experiences — anger, refusal to accept what today brings, and moving into judgment of others or ourselves, coupled with outdated beliefs, poor self-esteem, and a refusal to open to the healing, creates stress.

Dr. Ruth Cherry is no stranger to stress. An esteemed American author and psychologist with almost 50 years of practice, Dr. Cherry has supported countless clients and those who have read her books in their search for freedom, peace and joy. “At 73 years, I have experienced being a human in varying degrees of joy, frustration, hope, disappointment, inspiration, confusion and insight,” says Dr. Cherry.

“The first half of my life was about achievement. I earned degrees and licenses and I checked off boxes in the How To Do Life Right category. Now, in the second half of my life, I don’t need to validate myself. I don’t seek nods of approval or understanding from anyone. I make lots of apparent ‘mistakes’ but all that matters is that I stay on my own side and be my own best friend. Now is my time to follow my own guidance, to live in partnership with life. I’m clearly not in control but I pay attention and I’m available to learn. Life is what it is. And stress is what follows from our resistance to life,” she adds.

She describes her orientation as a merging of the psychological and spiritual dynamics in completely personal terms for each client. “Spirituality refers to the unconscious in its most positive terms.” After decades of noticing unconscious shifts in her clients and in herself, Dr. Cherry learned that something deep inside us is always pulling us to heal.

A tool that has greatly helped her and her clients is Meditation. “Meditation teaches us how to pay attention and to notice what exists within us. And by simply noticing our thinking and our feeling, instead of identifying with our thinking and our feeling, we allow healing.”

Dr. Cherry has written eight books–Matters of the Heart, Matters of the Soul, Transformation Workbook, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, Accepting Unconditional Love, Something’s Going On Here, Open Your Heart, and Just for Today.

In Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, she shares her reactions to receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Initially horrified and scared, she found grounding and support through journal writing and meditation. Seven months of her journal writing, as well as easily understandable meditation instructions empower readers as they face their own challenges.

In addition, she has recorded more than 200 guided meditations of different lengths. She recommends this introduction to meditation for beginners as well as for those who appreciate some structure for their practice. “Anyone can meditate,” she affirms.

Dr. Cherry has not defeated multiple sclerosis but it has not defeated her, either. She walks with a walker and uses a wheel chair when she needs to. “The ‘gift’ of MS is that I have learned to integrate, and, more importantly, to value my vulnerability. We are taught to resist and to hate vulnerability by our culture. But the huge gift in accepting, valuing, and integrating our vulnerability is that we align with life and with the spiritual resources that are available to each of us. Life supports us in our own particular ways when we practice surrender and we say Thank You instead of No.” She says that receiving an unwanted diagnosis and accepting it has helped her to know reality more deeply than she had known previously. “I feel more alive and more anchored in my experience. What a gift the diagnosis of MS has been.”

Dr. Cherry continues to discover, to learn and to share her gifts. She conducts free guided meditations every Friday at 10:00am and Sunday at 8:00am Pacific time. The sessions are open to anyone who is open to healing and would like to form habits that would allow a healthy partnership with their lives.

To join her free guided meditations sessions and to know more about Dr. Ruth Cherry, her books, and to watch her podcasts and videos, visit her website at For trailers of her books, go to for Open Your Heart, and for Something’s Going On Here.

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