Vic Lindblom New Release – Journey Through the Ridgelands Where Innovation Thrives
Vic Lindblom New Release – Journey Through the Ridgelands Where Innovation Thrives

UNITED STATES, February 21, 2024 / — The latest release of Vic Lindblom’s Ridgelands-Franchise Preparation is here to transport you into a world of intrigue, romance, and business. The book is the first in the intriguing Franchise series, which establishes the Ridgelands legend. In this captivating story, Lindblom expertly crafts a web of interpersonal interactions against the backdrop of technological advancement in a pre-electric age. The plot delves into a sea of technological marvels, but it deftly focuses on intriguing characters. Readers will be captivated by one story of inventor Curtis Smith and another of a humble dwarf, who stand out as accomplished innovators.

An example of Lindblom’s storytelling prowess, Ridgelands-Franchise Preparation delves into familial, business, and political relationships which form the human experience. Within the larger Ridgelands saga, this book serves as the first in the Franchise trilogy that will examine cultural strife of an innovative city state. The conflict expands in the soon to be released, Journey and Execution. A second series which is close to publication, Ridgelands-Pilgrimage, will center on stumbling into faith and an exploration of cultures.

Vic Lindblom, with these offerings, encourages readers and prospective authors to explore the deep underpinnings of the Ridgelands universe by creating an engaging platform for book sales and community building. Expect additional series from Lindblom, who will also encourage others to contribute parallel storylines within the Ridgelands framework. Thanks to Lindblom’s dedication to authenticity and truth, readers who delve into this literary journey will be enchanted by a realm of intricacy, intrigue, and genuine storytelling.

About the Author

“Ridgelands Franchise Preparation” is the literary debut of Vic Lindblom, an accomplished mechanical engineer with several patents, who has spent over four decades developing structural and functional components for mobile equipment in earthmoving, commercial, and military industries. Lindblom offers a unique perspective, combining technical accuracy with an in-depth understanding of human dynamics, drawing on his experience in the Army and in large and small corporations.

Lindblom expanded his education beyond the technical by earning a theological seminary degree and leading small group studies. Experience in theater and in musical conducting and performance helps him understand how to connect with the reader. He deftly weaves a story that represents deep insights into diversity of character, social conventions, and the influence of outside forces; he is an avid reader.

Literature and technology mesh well in Lindblom’s most recent work, which is evidence of his versatility. “Ridgelands Franchise Preparation” takes readers on an exciting journey to Laboot City, the place of dreams, identities, and fates, which will energize the imagination.

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