Boy Group DXMON Debuts with 1st Mini Album, HYPERSPACE

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 17, 2024 / — K-Pop boy group DXMON makes their official debut with 1st mini-album, HYPERSPACE. Earlier on January 1st, ahead of their debut, they released one of the title tracks for the album, “Burn Up,” which set the bar for the members’ confidence and ambitions toward their new beginning as a group.

“Hello, we are DXMON! It is very emotional and exciting to finally have our debut album ‘HYPERSPACE’ out in the world after we diligently worked on it. With this emotion in our minds, we will always work hard. Thank you!” – Members of DXMON

The mini-album includes six new songs. The second title track, “SPARK,” is an R&B and hip-hop genre song that is focused on easy listening. With the keyword of ‘spark’, the lyrics figuratively express the emotion of love and challenge towards reaching their dream. For the hip-hop track, “N.W.B,” DXMON showcases their ability to deliver a rap-only song, recommending fans to wear earphones while listening. “VERY (딸기도둑)” is a mix of R&B and Future sounds that reveals the group’s more bubbly and fun side as rascals. The album concludes with instrumental versions of “Burn Up” and “SPARK.”


DXMON (pronounced DAAI-MON) is a 6-member South Korean boy group under SSQ Entertainment, and they are the first boy group to debut under their company. DXMON is a word derived from the Greek word ‘Daimon’, and it is a name that embodies the will to proactively decide one’s destiny and achieve it. The group consists of members MINJAE, SEITA, HEE, TK, REX, and JO. On January 1st, 2024, they released their pre-debut single “Burn Up,” which has since garnered over 1.2M views on YouTube.

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