Breaking Tradition: Anjalts New Song ‘Like a god’ Drops on New Music Saturday

IXO Music Launches Eighth Track from Anjalts’ ‘Bluency’ Album

It’s very gut-wrenching to write my feelings out loud like this, and I think when it feels so uncomfortable inside, then I know it’s time to let it go”

— Anjalts

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2023 / — Observing the holiday lights during the chilly mid-December winter is an annual delight that uplifts like an occasional warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, making a small holiday treat feel just right. As much as discovering the soothing tones of Anjalts’ latest track, ‘Like a god,’ creates another blissful atmosphere filled with nostalgic reflections as the year draws to a close.

Anjalts, an emerging artist, continues her prolific musical trek by releasing her latest single, “Like a god,” on Saturday, December 16, breaking away from the ‘New Music Friday’ routine into a New Music Saturday. The song explores the intricate depths of relationships and how someone can feel invisible around a loved one. The songwriting was new musical territory for the artist, who stated, “It’s very gut-wrenching to write my feelings out loud like this, and I think when it feels so uncomfortable inside, then I know it’s time to let it go.”

“Like a god” brings a profound and often bittersweet realization of losing oneself while caring for another. The lyrics, rich in poetic imagery, capture many emotions and allow the listener to make their own interpretation of the song’s essence. Anjalts composes a narrative that draws a lyrical comparison to being faded or forgotten like an unseen god, adding another perspective to the track. Known for her distinctive fusion of pop-rock and acoustic guitar blends, she expressed her reservations about releasing the ballad that unveiled many vulnerabilities and complex introspections about her experiences. In “Like a god,” she lays bare the intricacies of such a relationship, offering listeners a haunting landscape of human emotions.

“In the studio, Anjalts just sang the melody right from the start with the lyrics “Where are all the gods?” adds Acen Sinclair, studio engineer at IXO Music, a small artist development team based in New York and Miami. “It felt like a conversation of the heart and a speechless moment for our team watching her strum her guitar and just sing,” continues Sinclair. “We hope she will allow us to videotape her sessions next time and share them.”

Since debuting in 2020, the American songwriter/producer was busy for 2023, releasing her 15-song AIR TO FIRE project earlier this year and following up the album with a series of seven more releases she’s coined “Code Blue” and “Are U OK” to name a few. Her eighth track, “Like a god,” is lifted from her second album project titled “Bluency,” which will soon drop as a digital album with 15 songs total to wrap up 2023. With two albums released in one year, her listeners anticipate that 2024 will have even more song surprises, including more music videos. The artist’s dedication to creativity seems to hold no bounds, leaving fans eager to hear her other bonus tracks on New Music Saturdays.

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