Breast Cancer Survivor Delivers a Touching Speech to Sorority

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updated: Nov 1, 2018

Speaker, author and breast cancer survivor Kara Adams was the keynote speaker at the Zeta Tau Alpha’s Annual October Banquet held at California State University, San Bernardino. The event included dinner and entertainment focused on breast cancer awareness and was held on Oct. 26, 2018. It was hosted by Zeta Tau Alpha, a sorority whose mission is to promote breast cancer education and awareness while raising funds to support families touched by the horrible disease.

“It was an honor to be invited to speak to such amazing young people. It touched my heart to see how knowledgeable and passionate everyone was. As a survivor, you sometimes forget how caring people can be and that breast cancer has affected everyone in some way,” said Kara Adams.

Kara’s professional background includes more than 15 years of marketing strategy, improving company performance and product utilization in the financial services industry. She became known as an expert in customer journeys for the largest auction house in the world, worth $16.7 billion, and as the vice president of marketing for a large community-based credit union in Riverside County. But Kara’s real claim to fame, and why so many talented women seek her out, is the powerful story of how she reclaimed herself as a “hidden treasure” and learned to live a life full of joy, meaning and purpose.  

Readers of her book “Hidden Treasure” have expressed great enthusiasm and have been quoted as saying:

“I found myself enthralled with Kara’s tumultuous life and I immediately was along for the ride. Hidden Treasure ignites the nagging feeling from within that will have you asking … What is my purpose? It will move you to rediscover your own Hidden Treasure.” – Natalie Taylor, Senior Account Executive

Source: Kara Adams

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