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Upgraded Platform Heads List of Enhancements for “Next Level” Sound Experience; Backwards Compatible With All Stadium Products

Our philosophy has always been one of continuous improvement; Build B3B perfectly exemplifies this approach.”

— Jeff Leitman, Rocksteady CEO

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2024 / — Rocksteady, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, wireless Bluetooth speakers and subwoofers, introduces Build B3B, a “ground up” rebuild of Rocksteady’s popular Stadium speakers.

The overhaul of the Rocksteady Stadium speaker line incorporates improvements and innovations designed to enhance the performance of the already high-quality Rocksteady Stadium product line. The enhancements include upgrading the Stadium platform from 3.7V to 7.4V; new, more dynamic speaker cones; a more efficient circuit board; and a new charging system, battery, and antennas.

The result is an enhanced speaker offering improved connectivity, higher-quality sound performance, and longer battery life. What’s more, Build B3B equipment is backwards-compatible with all Rocksteady Stadium speakers and subwoofers.


Extending distance while improving connectivity presented a challenge. But both upgrades were achieved with a two-pronged approach:

 Third Antenna: Added and mounted higher for extended range and stability, this innovation allows for twice the distance between speakers with no loss in sound quality.

 New Long Range Mode: This required the fusion of left and right audio channels at higher bit rates, where the host speaker optimizes sound for longer range without sound deterioration or loss from compression.


Build B3B provided a noticeable boost to Rocksteady Stadium’s already superior sound quality via some creative modifications: New Speaker Drivers and Cones: Rocksteady’s newly conceived, aluminum-coated and reshaped speaker cones feature driver assemblies that are more dynamic and responsive, delivering a more detailed yet broader sound profile.

 New Firmware/Code: While re-writing and optimizing its firmware, the company re-tuned the sound curve profile for the new drivers and developed a new algorithm for Stadium mode that improves stability and overall performance.

 Stereo Mode: Long Range and Stereo mode now carry unique sound profiles optimized for environment and type of use. Stereo gives users an immersive and stereoscopic sound setting; Long Range reduces sound compression and further expands range.

 New Circuit Board: The new 7.4V architecture runs cooler and creates a more flexible speaker-driver platform, resulting in broader speaker range and better stability.


Whether using them at home or taking them on the road, the new Rocksteady Stadium charging system translates to longer listening sessions:

 Longer Battery Life: The new 7.4V battery now provides nearly double the battery life, up to 30 hours per charge (actual battery life may vary based on usage).

 New Charging System: The battery management system of Build B3B protects the battery when charging isn’t needed, extending battery life by more than double.


Jeff Leitman, CEO of Rocksteady, explained that the Build B3B highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible listening experience. “Our customers loved Rocksteady Stadium products and the high-quality sound it delivers, just the way it was,” he said. “But our philosophy has always been one of continuous improvement; Build B3B perfectly exemplifies this approach.

“And it’s not just about delivering better sound,” he added. “We’ve also improved battery life, speaker range, and connectivity. Our goal with B3B was to improve every aspect of the Stadium line.”

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