Chart-Topper Alert: Chris Nelson Set To Drop ‘Country Love,’ the Year’s Most Anticipated Country Love Song

Chris Nelson – Country Love

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2024 / — Country music fans, mark your calendars. Chris Nelson is set to drop the chart-busting title track from his debut EP – “Country Love”. The song is a snapshot of genuine country boy romance in the heart of small-town America.

In the first verse, Chris shares the simple joy of love: “Love’s pickin’ them wildflowers, just to see you smile, two-steppin’ together down the church aisle.” The song unfolds, capturing love from the thrill of Friday night drinking with the boys to cozy moments “cookin’ up love by the fireplace”.

The catchy chorus of “Country Love” blends the excitement of outdoor adventures, like baggin’ big bucks and fishin’ honey holes, with an unshakable anchor of true love. Chris compares the excitement of his country boy pursuits to “heaven” but emotionally declares to his fiancé: “But I, I still love you more.”

As the song progresses, Chris dives into timeless aspects of love: “moon pies and coke at the five-and-dime, old polaroids frozen in time”, and “maple syrup kisses”. Chris leaves no stone unturned, making “Country Love” relatable and resonant for country fans worldwide.

The outro of “Country Love” takes a touching turn, describing love as an “old oak tree with roots running deep”, embodying a sacred promise for a country boy to always keep. The lyrics culminate in a heartfelt scene of a “down on bended knee” marriage proposal, making it the perfect country wedding song.

With its infectious melodies and evocative storytelling, “Country Love” promises to stand out on Chris’s upcoming EP. The soulful melody and authentic lyrics portraying everyday country life are sure to leave a lasting mark on the hearts of country music fans.

As excitement builds for the release of “Country Love,” Chris invites fans to enjoy a demo of the song on all his social media platforms where it quickly hit 1.5 million views in one short week. Stay tuned for the full EP, hitting the airwaves on April 26th, and get ready to dive into the soul-stirring world of Chris’s other country songs like No Flag Higher. No Flag Higher’ is not just a song – it is a heartfelt homage to those who laid down their lives for their country. With potent lyrics, it paints a vivid narrative of a veteran in a bar, reflecting upon the courage and selflessness of his comrades. It is a poignant reminder of the love and bravery that form the bedrock of the military ethos. Chris’ experiences witnessing the ultimate sacrifice of fellow soldiers have shaped this tribute, making it deeply personal and authentic

About Chris: Chris hails from small-town North Georgia where he grew up on country music and the joys of country life. Chris spent over 30 years serving his country and is just getting started, but his authentic storytelling and soulful melodies are already making waves worldwide. Connect with Chris and stay updated on his latest releases and music news.

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