Chico McRooster to Be in 2018 Chinese New Year Parade

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updated: Feb 15, 2018

Chico McRooster celebrates The YEAR of the DOG in Chinatown Feb. 17, 2018

Feb. 17 is a date not to be missed in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The yearly Chinese New Year is celebrated with the Golden Dragon Parade. Giant colorful, fun, scary and awesome dragons perform on the streets supported by marching bands, dancing ladies, many other festivities and yes indeed, Chico McRooster too.

This event begins The Year of the DOG. Chico McRooster is honored to be a part of the festivities on this important day and is sending his Chief Marketing Strategist ChaCha McRooster to represent his team. ChaCha McRooster is a beautiful Spanish Mediterranean Rooster, who is friendly and ready to pose for pictures. Come on down, enjoy the fun, get a family photo with ChaCha or a selfie. Check out Chico McRooster’s Facebook page to see others who have connected with this group of gentleman roosters. ChaCha will be wearing his Dog Outfit and riding in his specially decorated canopy-topped cart – ready for photos with everyone, everywhere he can be.

How to get to there: Take the METRO to Union Station. The Parade goes North on Hill to Bernard then South on Broadway — only a few blocks away. Walk up the hill to Broadway. Or, transfer to Gold Line, get off at the Chinatown Station. 

ChaCha McRooster was recently rescued from the butcher, as the previous owner had just way too many chickens. ChaCha McRooster is eight months old and came from a family of fancy show birds. He was beautifully cared for and is very healthy. ChaCha loves to ride around in the car and is looking forward to meeting new friends at many upcoming events. Please hashtag your own photos to be viewed on #chicomcrooster.

Owner of Chico McRooster
Margie Williams
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Source: Chico McRooster

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