CHOPIN OBSESSION by award winning pianist & composer MARINA ARSENIJEVIC pays Valentine Tribute to Frédéric Chopin

“CHOPIN OBSESSION” album cover

Marina Arsenijevic, pianist & composer

Marina Arsenijevic in concert

PBS TV Star MARINA ARSENIJEVIC releases sensational new album “CHOPIN OBSESSION” on February 16, 2024 for all streaming platforms and classical radio stations.

You will be blown away by Marina’s nuanced interpretation of these 16 most beloved Chopin compositions that will make you fall in love with Chopin all over again”

— Max Horowitz

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2024 / — “CHOPIN OBSESSION” – PBS TV star and Emmy nominated pianist and composer MARINA ARSENIJEVIC, latest album “CHOPIN OBSESSION” will be released worldwide as a Valentine tribute to the great composer Frédéric Chopin on February 16, 2024 by United World Bravo Music on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify along with classical radio stations world-wide. This is Marina’s sixth album released in the United States.

Marina was inspired to lovingly assemble, into an album titled “CHOPIN OBSESSION”, all her favorite Chopin compositions which included 14 Waltzes along with Fantasie-Impromptu and Ballade G Minor No.1. Marina’s life story comes from the turbulence of war in former Yugoslavia/Serbia and has given her a special insight into Chopin’s musical “cry” for national identity while living and composing in Paris away from his native Poland besieged by Russian aggression. Marina’s wartime experiences of national disintegration of Yugoslavia has given her an unique perspective on Chopin’s work and enabled her to understand the full range of emotional nuances expressed in Chopin’s music from loneliness to melancholy and then to a bold expression to “fight for right”. It would be very hard for any pianist to fully express Chopin’s music without the insights of desperation that a life and death conflict imparts on the observer. Rather than putting the technical nature of Chopin’s compositions in the forefront, Marina has molded every piece to reveal its underlying emotional story using her nuanced virtuosity as needed to fully expose the genius of Chopin to the listener. You will be blown away by Marina’s nuanced interpretation of these 16 most beloved Chopin compositions that will make you fall in love with Chopin all over again!

MARINA ARSENIJEVIC (arson-nee-vitch) is an international award-winning pianist and composer, star of the Emmy nominated Public Television program, “Marina at West Point: Unity through Diversity” which has been broadcast to more than 170 million viewers with over 550 airings by PBS Stations across the United States. Marina created the program and performed with the 120-member joint ensemble of the West Point Band and West Point Glee Club. The Concert was recorded live at West Point’s historic Eisenhower Hall and has been broadcast for more than a decade through 2020.

Critics have described Marina as a “James Bond” beauty with a powerhouse technique that delivers an emotional punch like a “Balkan thunderbolt,” while her compositions have been described as “Breathtakingly original” and “Unique to the ear but familiar to the soul”. Marina has performed to enthusiastic audiences and standing ovations at major venues such as Carnegie Hall (two separate sold-out appearances), the Chicago Symphony Center, the Toronto Center for the Arts, the Chicago Navy Pier Auditorium, and many others throughout the country. Laura Bush and Cherie Blair (wife of the British Prime Minister) along with 2000 other guests were dazzled when Marina played her original arrangement of America the Beautiful at the annual First Lady’s Luncheon in Washington D.C.

Marina’s recordings of “Mozart: Marina and the St. Petersburg Soloists” and “Chopin: Piano Waltzes” became top-selling classical CDs in Central and Eastern Europe. Her album, “My Balkan Soul” became the best-selling classical crossover CD in 11 European countries. Marina’s CDs have sold over one million copies world-wide. She was featured on 40 magazine covers and hundreds of television programs in Europe. She received the Yugoslavian “Oscar” for the most popular musical artist in 1996. The following year, she received the Yugoslavian Media Award for the Most Popular All Media Personality. Marina is the recipient of the 2014 Tesla Science Foundation Future Icon Award following her performance of her original composition Tesla’s Journey at the 2013 dedication of the Nikola Tesla statue at the century-old Tesla Wardenclyffe Laboratory in Long Island. She also received the 2015 Tesla Spirit Music and Performance Award. Marina was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2014. She was honored “For her outstanding achievements and humanitarian efforts in building bridges among diverse cultures and nations through her music”. She is considered a heroic icon in her homeland of Serbia where Marina was awarded Serbia’s highest diplomatic honor, the Knighthood (Dame) of St. Sava for Diplomatic Pacifism in May 2018. Marina was awarded the Tesla Gold Award in 2022, by the Tesla Science Foundation with the citation “The virtuoso talent of Dame Marina Arsenijevic through her composition “Tesla Rhapsody” has added a new dimension in honoring Nikola Tesla to classical music lovers in every corner of the globe. She was the clear choice for receiving this award”.

Marina is currently composing her first musical “LIFE OF TESLA” commemorating the life of her fellow Serbian American, the renowned scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. Most of the musical themes are used from her “tour de force” composition for piano and orchestra, “Tesla Rhapsody” which was released in 2022 to critical acclaim around the world. Marina enjoys a vast following on her social media with more than 11 million views of her videos on YouTube, 800,000 Instagram fans and according to TracMedia, she had over 170 million PBS TV viewers of her concert “Marina at West Point: Unity Through Diversity” which was broadcast for more than ten years.

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